Nintendo: We ‘are already making plans to bring back’ out-of-stock Amiibo

Nintendo is apologizing for screwing up Amiibos so badly.

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ColManischewitz1317d ago

More fodder for eBay sellers?

Hereiamhereibe21317d ago

Less fodder. Anyone who bought (insert sold out amiibo) for 50 bucks is gonna feel pretty stupid when they are flooded back into wally world for retail.

Tolkoto1317d ago

Whatever, I have my Mega Man, I'm happy.

tjg591317d ago

I've seen mega man a few times

addictedtochaos1317d ago

They need to stop with the retailer specific amiibo. Just let me buy them all in one place.

eyeofcore1317d ago

Bravo with your delusion as you ignore reality that they can't produce as much as the market demands, rather than spread it thin they focus on retailer exclusive to have few rather than just one per store.

Ripsta7th1317d ago

A multi billion dollar company cant produce enough plastic toys? Tf outta here

1317d ago
Dunban671317d ago

the "long and short" of this statement really says nothing- yet people will "buy into" this statement as if they did say something of meaning

Translated Nintendo statement:

We are making more amiibo for you to buy- which characters, how many any actual useful information for their fans is not available at this time- but we know you will be happy with our "apology" anyway

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