Telltale Star Wars? | Sith Among Us? |The Force Effect? - Inspiring a New Star Wars Game

As part of our Star Wars Day specials we have a reader poll on 3 potential games that could inspire a new Star Wars game that would beat them all including a Telltale Games Series, A NetherRealm Fighter and Mass Effect style RPG.

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CyrusLemont1317d ago

Man this is a bloody awesome article. I love all three ideas, and would kill to see them all come to fruition in the next couple of years. Especially a Star Wars Mass Effect type game.

rosscoffx1317d ago

You are officially my best friend haha. Thanks buddy, I've been thinking a few of them for a while so thought why not.

Although a Mass Effect star wars is rather awesome sounding I personally would love to see a Telltale one.

subtenko1317d ago

"Anaken???....Anakeennn!! !"

RaTaTaT1317d ago

Hell ill be happy with knights of the old republic 3. It's fun playing within the story of star wars but it was amazing playing your own story within star wars. Choosing to go light or dark was one of the hardest things to choose as a kid.

1317d ago
ironfist921317d ago

Does anyone else want another Tales of Monkey Island game, or are people happy with Telltale riding on popular licenses all year long.

KryptoniteTail1317d ago

All three but a Bioware game takes the top spot by an inch over Telltale (as long as we don't have a bunch of homosexual Jedi party members running around killing my childhood like Bioware would do [think DA:I]).