Best PS4 steering wheels and other racing accessories for Project CARS

The best steering wheels, gearbox shifters, pedal sets and other accessories to buy along with the PlayStation version of Project CARS.

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sizeofyou1322d ago

And still Logitech support is required... :(

SolidStoner1322d ago

yes! having g27.. still using it for PC and PS3-GT6.. sadly ps4 still no support.. signed a petition for Logitech and Fanatec PS4 wheel support.. fanatec did move forward and made it work with PS4 now.. Logitech is still silent, saying only that they dont make steering wheels anymore... but so many people out there are waiting!

Perjoss1322d ago

They dont make wheels anymore, fair enough, but they should support the fans that paid quite a lot of money for those G27 wheels.

What we need is some kind of Kickstarter so that fans of Logitech wheels can throw money at someone who would be able to write some drivers or whatever for PS4 Logitech wheel support. With Logitech's permission of course.

gedapeleda1322d ago

I'm sure there is somebody who would do it, maybe even for free but the companies aren't that open, sadly.