Could Yooka-Laylee be a Fighter in Super Smash Bros.?

Alex saw something over the weekend about Yooka & Laylee appearing in Super Smash Bros.. Is it possible?

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ThinkThink1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

I hear Yooka is running for President. Guess who his VP candidate is? You guessed it! It's Laylee!

LOL_WUT1322d ago

First Shovel Knight now Yooka-Laylee? A game we have yet to even get a hold of... Whats next the thief from Trine?

The company should focus on bringing Nintendo branded characters first and foremost or those who have a certain amount of games associated with the big N ranging anywhere from the NES to the Wii. ;)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1321d ago

sure better yet have them in Runbow the exclusive 9 player couch multiplayer Indie Smashbros.

wonderfulmonkeyman1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Too soon, IMO. It sounds like they don't even have Yooka-Laylee's full moveset for their OWN game completely fleshed out quite yet.
Doubt they'd have a shot at appearing in a Smash title this early into their very existence.XD