Why I am nervous for Star Wars: Battlefront

In honor of Star Wars Day, Gamespresso wanted to write about Star Wars: Battlefront a little bit and share some of their hopes and fears in lieu of its Fall release.

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ShottyatLaw1322d ago

The two major points raised by the article - no campaign and no space battles - don't necessarily make me nervous on their own. I think a serviceable single player experience and planet-only battles could be fine and fairly consistent for the Battlefront experience.

Both of these complaints do speak to a bigger concern, though. The Battlefront games were never particularly deep or robust experiences, in my opinion. The core gameplay was good fun, and the prior games came together into a fun package. From everything we are hearing, there is reason to be nervous with this new installment. It seems like we are getting less in a game that really needs more. A lot of mechanics, modes, and gameplay variety are going to be needed in order to keep it interesting.

I haven't played the game, and I can't speak to the final package. I have played EA titles this gen such as NHL and Titanfall, however. Both of those titles offered a good core gameplay experience, but did not feel like complete, full-featured games. I have to remain cautiously optimistic that Battlefront doesn't follow suit, but I'm a bit nervous, too.

crazychris41241322d ago

Biggest worry is if DICE has enough time to make this game. The Disney/EA deal was signed in May 2013. They were still working on BF4 which wouldnt come out till October 29th and then they had to halt production of Battlefront so they could help fix the disaster that was BF4.

Could explain why Battlefront feels so light on the content, release a game light on content so it can at least work then charge them for DLC that probably should be in the game. Definitely keeping my distance from this game, got that Titanfall vibe, fun game just not enough content.

Prove me wrong Dice, we have been waiting 10 years

akurtz1322d ago

Titanfall wasnt entirely fun

Priestwithgun1322d ago

What is exactly your definition of fun then?

Nodoze1322d ago

I am sure what is offered will be fun, will look and sound great.....but I am concerned about longevity and nickel and dimming DLC.

I will not be picking this up day 1.

hiredhelp1322d ago

(BATTLEFIELD) thats my worry stay true Dice to locus Arts.

Perjoss1322d ago

I think a safe bet would be to expect something good. When you expect something amazing you might be setting yourself up for disappointment.

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The story is too old to be commented.