Dark Souls 2 Is Still A Deeply Flawed Masterpiece

Ruben Circelli: "I love Dark Souls.  Praise the sun.  I love FromSoftware, really I do.  Don’t let the title mislead you.  Let me establish myself for a moment – the Souls community is a very particular one.  I have over 300 hundred hours logged in the original Dark Souls, over 140 hours in the sequel and over 70 hours in Bloodborne.  I’ve done SL1 runs and challenge runs; I have platinums in Dark Souls and Bloodborne (Dark Souls 2: 82%).  I’m not new to the series.  I’m as masochistic as every other fan out there.  I shrieked like a little girl unwrapping presents at Christmas (a pony??) when Dark Souls 2 was announced a few years back at the VGAs.  I stayed up until 4AM – twice – to play the beta even after technical difficulties caused a delay.  I took off release day to sink my teeth into the next glorious game FromSoftware had seen fit to bestow upon the world."

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EvilWay1317d ago

If Dark souls 2 hades me movement as Dark souls 1 it would be perfect IMO. I am playing through Dark Souls 2 right now for the first time and I love the different environments and enemies but I feel it's a little easy after playing BloodBorne. Though I don't think BloodBorne is harder I just might be familiar with the game too much idk

Xer0_SiN1317d ago

i feel scholar is above ds1. my personal list would be: demons, bloodborne, scholar, ds1, ds2. it doesnt go without saying, they are all great games.

LgbtWarrior1317d ago

Not a bad game, just when compared to demons and dark 1, it falls short. You can really feel Miyazakis absence in the directors chair. My least fave in the series

StrawberryDiesel4201316d ago

That's because he was busy creating the new masterpiece that is Bloodborne. It was the right decision.

MasterCornholio1317d ago

I'm enjoying it but after playing Bloodborne I feel there's something missing from it.

stavrami1317d ago

I'm gonna get shot for this BUT I'm gonna say it anyway I have preferred ds2 over ds1 and bloodborne. I must admit I found the jumping to be frustrating but I was playing alot via remote play and it was near impossible with the touch controls so I swapped jump to circle along with run and have not had a problem since. I do find that ds2 has some really lazy enemy design along with other faults but yet I still really enjoy it

Donnywho1317d ago

I've just never seen someone take a graceful dump on this game's bosses without admitting how much they enjoyed Sir Alonne and/or Fume Knight.

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