Battlefield 4 Gains Megalodon In Paracel Storm, While Battlefield Hardline Active Players Dip

This video brings up Megalodon in Battlefield 4 BUT mostly addresses why Battlefield Hardline saw a dip in players.

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shloobmm31322d ago

Hostage Rescue is what keeps me coming back to Hardline. I love that it requires teamwork.

jdiggitty1322d ago

I was playing a lot of hotwire, but it's not even a challenge at all anymore. I can't find anyone on my FL playing now. Most of them are in the Planetside 2 beta these days.


Just jumped on BF4 again after months of not playing it. Had to open a hundred battle packs lol. Miss BF4, been having fun with it!

reallyNow1322d ago

i think im going to do the same tonight

BoriboyShoGUN1322d ago

After playing that Hardline beta I really don't know what people were expecting! So glad I steered clear of that one.
Just hoping BF5 comes out blazing!!!!!

jdiggitty1322d ago

I got mine for $35 which I think was fair. I enjoy it quite a bit more than the beta. But the only mode I even like is Hotwire and it's so easy it almost ruins the game as it deals out the biggest payouts. If you even attempt to go after the objectives you'll be in the top two. I unlocked all my guns, upgrades and rockets for the trunk of any car I get into in 2 days. I'm completely OP in the mode now and it's not fun at all.

BoriboyShoGUN1322d ago

Geez that's insane!! I just did not like the feel at all, the movement, weapons, everything felt off to me.