Tekken 7 PS4 and Xbox One release news to be announced at EVO 2015

Tekken fans should prepare for the launching of the recently released "Tekken 7" combat game in different game consoles this year.

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MegaRay1318d ago

Wait, is it only coming to PS4/Xbone?

Hoffmann1318d ago

Seems so =/ That it was not coming to the lastgen consoles was pretty clear but no PC version is sad.

boing11318d ago

Was there ever a PC version of any Tekken game?

Rock-Lee1318d ago

Tekken has never ever been released on PC. That people hoped for it to come on PC is one thing, but to actually expect it and be disappointed that it won't come to PC baffles me. They never ever announced such thing, it's all wild rumors and false hope based on nothing.

Just because the PS4/X1 are based on X86 architecture doesn't mean all games will come to PC as well. People somehow expect Tekken to come to PC just because it uses Unreal Engine 4 and PS4/X1 is based on X86.

Just like some ridiculous websites stated that Bloodborne might come to PC.

DevilOgreFish1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

It was mentioned by the team that it was also coming to pc, as part of choosing UE4.

dohji1318d ago

You had to know this was gonna happen eventually, don't act like this is some big shock. I mean I'm sorry if you don't have one of the current systems yet, but game companies phasing out the previous gen systems shouldn't be a surprise to you.

saukelover121318d ago

they said in two 2016,there not making anymore ps3 and 360 games and they wasn't laying I work at gamestop and the 2016 calendar is all ps4 xbox one and Wii u

Tetsujin1318d ago

Can't wait to play this at Evo.

I hope the roster gets updated, I know it's a "rumored" list however there's a few characters I hope make it that I actually use.

Chaos_Raiden1318d ago

Can't wait for this game being released for home consoles. Thanks for the share.

Father Murder X1318d ago

Where the hell is Tekken VS. Streetfighter? Its been what five years?

dohji1318d ago

That's what I'm saying. I mean I'm hyped for T7 and all but crap we just got TTT2 I can wait for this, but I can't wait to play with my favorite fighting game character of all time (Ken) in my favorite fighting game of all time (Tekken).

weirdo1318d ago

it might land on pc, i hope so. everyone should play their favourite franchise, regardless of platform

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