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sigfredod1260d ago

kind of ironic that on the trailers the super road cars are the most showcased, when the game is focus on the motorsports

Crazyglues1260d ago

yeah I thought that was interesting too.. it really doesn't have a lot of cars...

-But fingers crossed, I'm still hoping it turns out to be a really good racing game.

Maddens Raiders1260d ago

Haven't been this excited for a racing game since GT2. The hype is strong with this one. Here's hoping for a day one delivery on that hype for me. Can. not. wait.

skyrimer1260d ago

Can't wait to play this on my oculus DK2

Me-Time1260d ago (Edited 1260d ago )

YeeeHawww buuuddy. I hope this doesn't fail me. There are a lot of good tracks and locations in this game. My main gripe is the amount and variety of cars.

I'm more for street-legal cars. In GT, road cars are what I use most, though I don't necessarily avoid racing cars.