Halo MMO: The Clues

Paper, Rock, Shotgun Write: The existence of a Halo MMO is an ongoing rumour, but how likely is it?

It's a safe bet that if anyone was going to be able to pull off a successful MMOFPS, it would be Bungie and Microsoft with a version of Halo. Of course it might just be on 360, but why wouldn't MS try to tap into the Blizzard millions with a cross-platform version? This is more than wishful thinking: the clues are out there. No, they really are.

Why do we think there's going to be a Halo MMO? Well, MS have said that their next game is not going to be a game starring Master Chief, that alone should set some lateral-thinking bells ringing. LOTR director Peter Jackson is, apparently, overseeing a game based in the Halo universe at his Wingnut Interactive studio in New Zealand, and some have tipped his commitment to make "filmic games" to be part of an MMO spearhead. I'm unconvinced by that- filmic says "single player" to me.

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Cyberwaste3798d ago

Please, not more Halo....

shotputking3798d ago

they sell like crazy and they're great games.

Shroomy3798d ago

First I've heard of it!

I wouldn't mind more Halo if it's different from the trilogy, but is still a lot of fun to play.

Xi3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

It would pretty much be a halo version of M.A.G. sign me up.

the halo games are 3 of the best fps games ever made, it has some of the most depth in it's gameplay mechanics, one of the best stories, a very immersive universe, and every evolution of the franchise has been extremely well made, revolutionary, innovative, and well recieved with an average gameranking score of 94%.

A halo MMOFPS would play very well, especially if developed by bungie.

Prismo_Fillusion3798d ago

No, this is just silly. There can only be one Master Chief.

BlackIceJoe3798d ago

A Halo MMO could be great if done right. I would love to be dropped down in a drop ship and run out with guns ablazing and taking down many Elites & Brutes with the help other soldiers.

I think a Halo MMO would be great fun the Halo Universe is pretty big and so there is a lot of stuff you could use for a rich story for a Halo MMO. So I would love if this is true.