PS4: 10 Features Sony Must Implement In The Next Firmware Update

With many newer press events choosing to show off new console features alongside the games themselves – and with Sony requesting a list of what fans want to see implemented – here’s hoping they’ll listen up sooner rather than later.

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GoGoGadge71319d ago

Christ what an awful "list".

..also.. "gave saves..." Way to go editing your "article"

Way too many quotes I know.

Chevalier1319d ago

I find it funny they suggest that PS4 launched incomplete/too early and compare it to it's predecessor PS3. Except none of those features were day 1 on PS3 either.

bluzone1319d ago

why does a opinion piece need so many "clicks" to get through.

dumahim1319d ago

That's what whatculture does. Just find a way to block the site in your browser and never get suckered in again.

kurruptor1319d ago

Might I suggest the Chrome extension "Block site"

iiorestesii1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

For the reason that all the information could be written in a single paragraph. This is why the children's book approach is taken.

GameSpawn1319d ago

Clicks = Separate Ad Hits per Page

More Ad Hits = More Money

I know it may seem useless, but click the website address under "Read Full Story" and select "WTF?" and "No". In theory if a website gets voted down enough it won't make it through the approval chain on N4G (repeat THEORY).

1nsomniac1319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Some good ideas, some terrible ideas.

All brought together with horrific grammar, through multiple page clicking, meh.

TWB1319d ago

Absolutely agreed with the first one, though PS3s opening sound was already pretty boring. I used the 20th aniversary theme to get the old PS1 boot sound but the fkd it up with a new update where you ALWAYS hear the PS4 sound.

Also, if they are not willing to give us external HDD support I would like to have a feature that the PS4 would automaticly put any video or screenshots to the external HDD. I already have a 100 gig partion (in exFat format) on my HDD ready in case Sony would allow such action.

Also PS1 emulation pls.

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The story is too old to be commented.