E3 2008: Microsoft wares lack novelty with mainstream appeal

Gamescritics writes: "To paraphrase a line from The American President, the problem with Microsoft isn't that they don't get it. The problem is that they can't sell it. At E3 2008, Microsoft unveiled a line-up of products designed to appeal to the more casual gaming audience that Nintendo currently dominates with the Wii.
The miscalculation on the part of Microsoft is that they think they can appeal to the masses by providing something useful like Netflix connectivity and online chat parties or something that is supposed to be an improved experience like Lips, which is a refinement of the singing/rhythm game. These approaches will win a few minds of people, but it won't win their hearts and appealing to the heart is what gets people to open up their wallets."

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Shadow Flare3802d ago

The Xbox 360 will always have the perception of a hardcore gamers console. And that is why it will always fail. It can be bought for cheaper then a wii right now. And it still comes last in monthly worldwide sales every week. Dying, dying, dead. Go and meet the xbox 1

gamer_703802d ago

More doom & gloom for the 360! lol! Haters will never learn.

arcadegoal3802d ago

To try and save xbox has failed ms . hardwear failler thats still not fixed is costing you a lot of customers now switching to ps3

Pain3802d ago

All the wile Screaming LUVE US!!!...... BUY M$!!!!.....WE BETTER!!!!...YOU MUST BUY US!!!!....DO WHAT WE TELL YOU!!!!....THINK WHAT WE SAY!!!.....LUV MICRO$OFT!!!!!!...USE WINDOWS!!!!...BUY A lolZUNEl!!!!

just me?

NowGen3802d ago

as a hard core gamer i don't want to be lumped in with those type of gamers casual i mean people who get things just because they heard others are doing it and they just want to be part of the latest fad.(wii) don't get me wrong, i play (casual) games to. but unlike those casual wii owners who may only play their wii 3 times a month, i'll play some uno online, then some guitar hero. but i also play some GTA4 and call of duty.and so on. on that other system you don't have that choice. after the casual game thats it, your done. the wii was a great payoff for the risk nintendo took releasing it. great for them, but the reality is they never expected it to do so now that its taken off their going to exploit that and keedp on catering to granny's and soccer moms and a whole slew of people who really don't give a fudge about real gaming or if games disappeared forever. their just here for the moment and will just jump to the next thing when they get board. so to hell with them. im sticking with my ps360 and the best and most well rounded library of games EVER.

KingME3802d ago

I guess I would have to categorize myself as a hybrid gamer. Because I like all types of games, shooters, RPGs, puzzles, cards, singing, you name it. If there is one type of game that I'm not that big on it is turn based games like FF, I would much rather do my battles in real time. But overall I am a casualhardcore gamer. (hybrid)lol

TheColbertinator3802d ago

In order for you to mitigate on the sucess of the trend,you have to apply motivation from the consumer to try it out.Singstar had to find its own audience so it would'nt fail against Konami's Karaoke Revolution.Also,Rock Band had a difficult challenge of distracting people away from Guitar Hero 3 but it stuck to new ideas and new feeling to stand out.Microsoft must convince the consumer to purchase its games because they improve on ideas thought up before.If Microsoft simply copies the ideas of others with no innovation,the hardcore and casual market will keep their money and purchase a Wii instead since they are source of originality...sort of.

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The story is too old to be commented.