Wipeout-inspired Formula Fusion successfully funded on Kickstarter

VVV: "R8 Games' anti-gravity racer Formula Fusion, a spiritual successor to WipeOut with several people who worked on WipeOut 3 sharing development duties, has been successfully funded on Kickstarter following its launch just over a week ago. At the time of writing, the Kickstarter campaign has 698 backers and has raised over £37,000, surpassing its original £35,000 goal with 19 days still remaining."

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bouzebbal1316d ago

this IS WipEout with another name.
I am the first one to be happy for this.. i am a massive fan of WipEout series. Cannot wait to hear more!

3-4-51315d ago

Good to see this made it.

KryptoniteTail1316d ago

Interesting. I don't like racers but I think it looks neat.

wakeNbake1316d ago

Hope this comes to PS4/Xb1.

SporadikStyles1315d ago

Will have to pitch in on payday. Love Wipeout games! It was a sad day when Studio Liverpool closed.

kraenk121315d ago (Edited 1315d ago )

A bit sad to see such little support but still very happy to see this made it. Definitely gonna join. Bladerunnerish Wipeout?! Bring it on!