Star Wars Battlefront - Which side will you choose?

Another Star Wars Day Special article on MGL This time our editor Cat looks at the potential of Star Wars Battlefront with her concerns and expectations.

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Pathogenic1233d ago

Which ever side I choose, you will die!

Anyways, I am going to be Jedi or Sith. I personally think it's going to have the same system as Battlefield. You don't get to choose what side your on when you first get into the match. You can switch after though when another player logs or gets pissed and rage quits Lol.

It would be a one sided battle. Anyways, "May The Fourth Be With You! :)

rosscoffx1233d ago

Cat is pretty good at her PPS games so watch out haha.

Think this game has some potential personally, like the author say DICE are hit or miss on games like this so lets hope they do it justice. They have been given a good amount of time to develop this one so fingers crossed

Pathogenic1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

Sounds good

SpinalRemains1381233d ago


You're not building a character for an mmo.

We will be playing online matches where we will all be one or the other hundreds of times.

kingeliran1233d ago (Edited 1233d ago )

What does it matter There are NO CLASSES everybody will be the same white random stormtrooper runing in the forest shooting with Pew Pew movie sound at the random Same republican soldier.. this is going to be Dice epic failure, the designers really screwed this game, mark my words after this game Dice will lose all respect they gained with bf games.

leogets1231d ago

Oooooooh so much negativity in you.. ✋ dont wana hear it