Nintendo's E3 Press Conference - Moving Forward Or Standing Back?

[Brandon Sheffield was at Nintendo's E3 2008 press briefing, and here looks at the major announcements made and asks - was there anything truly new on show, and if not, does that really matter?]

The Nintendo press conference at E3 2008 opened with a cheesy montage, which felt a bit like a commercial for Lifetime Television, hammering home the idea that all genders, races, and ages love the Wii. The theme for the conference was, "We promise to keep the world smiling…"

The first smiling presenter was Cammie Dunaway, Nintendo's VP of Marketing and Sales, who recounted a tale of difficulty snowboarding, in which she took a fall. "Snowboarding is really a lot harder than it looks. But the fact is I don't like a smile taken off my face for anything. And I really don't like giving up. I decided that as a snowboarder, all I needed was a little help from a friend. A really talented friend. And I think I've found the perfect answer."

The curtain rose to reveal a shoeless Shaun White, red-topped snowboarder extraordinaire, playing the Wii snowboarding game on the Balance Board. Shaun White then partook in the continued cavalcade of scripted banter for the fun-looking Ubisoft-published product, after which Cammie proclaimed: "Now if everyone would welcome me in joining our president... 'Satooroo' Iwata."

Iwata was, as usual, and perhaps by design, the most sensible person to take the stage, claiming that "A big change, actually a big paradigm shift has taken place in the global game market."

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ape0073775d ago

ninrendo falls in trash completely

specially after what I heard that is zelda going casuel

nintendo you should't attend e3 you should make your show at disny land

matpoo3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

i hated that lady and the pot smoking snowboarder they wouldn't shut up

they ruined e3

TheColbertinator3775d ago

Starfox Wii or a new Zelda game would have won the show.

Isaac3775d ago

A new turn-based Paper Mario

badz1493775d ago

but the truth is that they don't even have to try that hard when both their consoles are crushing the competitions! no matter how lame it is, people will buy it because simply it's Nintendo's! I hate what Ninty have became but they can do what ever makes them happy as long as they don't ruin my gaming on PS3!

pcz3775d ago (Edited 3775d ago )

it's just like your favorite music band or artist who through popularity lose their 'magic', they bring out a respectable first album and when they get a hit they change. they change because their audience changes.

Thats all nintendo are doing, catering for their new audience.. it seems they have put their original audience low on their priority list. it's business, they produce what sells.

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