Mario Party 10 review I Gameluster

Simon Smith from Gameluster takes a look at Mario Party 10 and sees if Mario still throws a good party.

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SidebarTalk1323d ago

I get that people are pissed we still have to do car mode, and having to tap the Amiibo everytime you roll in the game board mode is a pain in the ass...but it's Mario Party. It's still a ton of fun and I'm hopeful for the future. Nintendo has proven its on board with reasonable DLC: maybe we'll get new boards in a few months. Hell, maybe it'll be a free update. Sky's the limit.

SimonSmith1323d ago

I am hoping that downloadable content might be the case in the future, hopefully add some more Bowser minigames and some more boards would be nice. Though to be honest I did personally find it fun to be in the car in this instance, given I hated it in Mario Party 9.
I just wish they could have done Amiibo better, they had potential, just sadly did not use it, maybe future downloadable content might help out as well given Nintendo has a great history with the content just look at Mario Kart 8.