Break Peter Moore's Face

Buttonmasher writes, "While previewing Face Breaker at the EA booth it was mentioned that Peter Moore's face had been scanned and entered into the game using the boxer editor. The face, which is creepily accurate, can be attached to any of the bodies and manipulated. Peter asserts that he suits a more chiseled look but the demonstration featured him as a blue monkey."

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Alexander Roy3773d ago

This fact alone might make it worthy a purchase instead of a rent for a lot of people.
While I think the idea is hilarious, we should have more of these. Uwe Boll's face as DLC anyone?

micro_invader3773d ago

I'd be first in line for that, lol.

ry-guy3773d ago

Why not just include a Forge-type tool that allows people to upload face pictures and place them on boxers. Allow them to customize the body.

I'd pick that game up in a heartbeat.

RedVsBlue3773d ago

Jack Tretton & Uwe Boll & Jack Thompson here I come

deeznuts3772d ago

What's wrong with tretton? He ain't that bad.