Media Create: PSP Holds Firm in Japan

Sony's handheld, which has just passed ten million lifetime sales in Japan, sold another 57,000 units last week. In comparison, Nintendo shifted 48,540 DS units and 41,768 Wiis.

While Metal Gear Solid 4 fueled PS3 sales last month, the gap between the console and its predecessor is now pretty slim again on a week-to-week basis – just 2,000 sales separated the pair last week.

Xbox 360 continues to trail the pack, but sales of Microsoft's system, while down on the previous week's total, remained higher than the system's weekly average.

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Admiral_Benson3775d ago

How people can say it is failing when it's producing figures like that is beyond me.

Vip3r3775d ago

Probably because most of them are fanboys.