EA Wins E3?

Buttonmasher writes, "The convention is over and while it was not as flamboyant or swap stacked as the past editions the focus was squarely on gaming, but who out shone the others? It's a little bit of a shock to hear myself saying that but the general consensus from talking to various attendee's is that the EA line-up was by far the strongest amongst the attendee's present at this year's event. Let's have a look at the reasons."

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hotrider123800d ago

hmmmm?? why was'nt need for speed "undercover" mention at e3??
its announce to be released nov. 17th 2008

MK_Red3800d ago

Mirror's Edge alone wins the E3 and since they have it, well, I'm sad to say but EA indeed wins. Dead Space looks cool too.

mepsipax3800d ago

I've noticed EA isn't as bad they were in past years, they must have done some major changes to their business plan, like maybe actually putting the game ahead of the profit? thats always a good one, keep it up EA and maybe you can make a worthy sequel to System Shock 2 while you're at it, just don't go down the take 2 road and create the half-retarded, failed abortion that was bioshock, in fact, EA take Take 2 get the team that worked on bioshock (as thats the original devs) and whip them until they make a system shock 3 that doesn't suck.