Left 4 Dead - E3 08: Rooftop Shootout

Death on a cold dark roof.

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micro_invader3773d ago

No, from what I've heard it's only being released on PC and xbox360.

KobeT243773d ago

Right now its only on 360, and PC, but theres a rumor that Valve wouldn't mind porting it but not by them.

EA is the most rumored to jump on the port because they were the ones to port the Orange Box.

JustinSaneV23773d ago

In other words if does come to PS3 don't expect it to be ported with TLC.

1stKnighT3773d ago

This game is going to be mad fun.

beavis4play3773d ago

yea; this looks so cool. i love the chaotic nature of the action.

Rob0g0rilla3773d ago

How come it's not from the FPS view?

-M4verick-3773d ago

Looks awesome. Valve never fails. The made Half life..the best FPS of all time in many lists. I'm sure it will be good : )

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The story is too old to be commented.