Last Guy - first official gameplay trailer

The first official gameplay trailer from sony japan studio. It's presented by Hindustan Electronics. Looks like it could possibly be released on: July 31. 314 mb HD size and DS3 compatible.

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Leg-End3773d ago

whats funnier, ur pic or this game..?

Dir_en_grey3773d ago

Yeah releasing on July 31 for only 500 yen (less than $5).
I played a game similar to this, I think it is indeed from WTF (Work Time Fun) on PSP. Seems like they added features and more stuff you can do to the leader (The last guy).
Heck for less than $5 it's an instant buy for me, maybe I'll get a Japanese PSN card soon...

The Wood3773d ago

reminds me of 'lsd docs disks' and the fairlight crack screens back in the day

Silogon3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Strange concept and highly removed from the Zombie game some of the idiots around here kept posting. I'll check it out if it's a puzzle game in the vein of Lemmings and so forth.

got some disagrees here, so lemme guess it is a Zombie game? It sure didn't look like one to me. It looked more like an evac game to me.

uie4rhig3773d ago

lol.. looks quite funny to play..

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The story is too old to be commented.