Check Out Over Three Hours of Gameplay of PS4 Exclusive Kill Strain by Sony San Diego

Sony San Diego has been working hard on the free to play PS4 exclusive action game Kill Strain, and recently they held several livestream showing a lot of gameplay.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Nice to see the guys at Sony San Diego break from the Baseball series and make something new. Looks fun and interesting so far.

Army_of_Darkness1324d ago

I'm a little disappointed... Doesn't look that great at all, not even next gen looking either... I'm way more excited for alienation! that top-down ps4 exclusive is gonna be Siiiick! just like dead nation. Maybe even better :-D

Forbidden_Darkness1324d ago

Well, not that this needs to be pointed out, but graphics don't make a game. Sure, in some way they can immerse you into the experience, but this is a top down game... graphics aren't important.

That and the fact that this game is free to play. You can try it for free and see for yourself. Don't judge it without playing it first. There's room for more than one game in the top down perspective, especially considering Alienation is entirely different.

subtenko1324d ago

Actually this does look like it would be fun once you get into. It's like LeagueOL. Granted Im not much of a fan of top-down games n stuff but this looks pretty fun and could be addicting.

Sony San Diego are good people so if anything they have my support.

spoonard1324d ago

It's not next-gen. It's current-gen.

ChronoJoe1324d ago

Looks fun to me, the mechanics seem quite original with the 3 vs 3 vs 3 stuff and the way you can 'turn' people from one team to another.

I recommend really having a look at the videos, because visually the game doesn't look that special, but mechanically it's actually quite clever in my opinion.

XanderZane1324d ago

Looks like a PS3 game and it immediately reminded me of HellDivers with the targeting site and all. HellDivers actually looks a bit better then this. This is a FREE game however so I guess we can't complain too much. On a next-gen system as powerful as the PS4 we expect a next-gen type game though. Not overly impressed, but I would need to play it first to see if it's worth my time.

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LiQuiZoN1324d ago

As much as i'm a sony diehard and this game looks fun. Props to the devs for creating it ofcourse sa i'm a software engineer myself, however...

All of these Dota rip-offs don't hold a candle to Dota2. I need to reinforce this. If you (the player) has yet to experience Dota2 then you do not understand why the genre and pro-scene was created around Dota. It is exceptionally balanced, extremely easy to pick up and play and very, very difficult to master. As an RPG gamer from the 90's, and a MMORPG player when Ultimate Online was new, Dota has been the single best competitive gaming experience I have ever had. Period. I'm 32 years old and found out about dota 2 years ago. (late to the party I know)

It is the only MOBA you need. Time invested will tell you this. I have 2000hrs in dota. I URGE you to delve into it, hopefully with some friends who are also new at the game.

Heros of the Storm, LOL (although first to market before Dota2), Smite, David Jaffee's new game, this game etc... As much as I respect the devs. Dota is in a class of its own. They also realize that Dota makes boat loads of $$$, eventhough it is 100% free.

"The Inernational 5 (Ti5)" is coming in August. The prize pool is already over 5 million. It will go beyond 10million, easy.

That is the end of my Dota rant. Best of luck to these devs, but I think the copy-cats need to just stop.

someOnecalled1324d ago

suddenly moba games is now good. countless downplaying dota, lol, and others is somehow forgotten.(we see it everytime they say there no game on pc while posting they little bit of exclusives)

thanks sony with a flip of the switch constantly playing catchup to pc you show how your fanboys constantly contradict themselves.

watch the disagrees for speaking the truth that these fanboys blatantly trash games and genre just because it not on their ps but soon forget when it or something like it is on their platform.

Aloy-Boyfriend1324d ago

By your logic, every game ever made is a Mario ripoff. Have you ever played revolutionary games? Oh wait, maybe you can come up with something 100% original. Please keep me posted.

ChronoJoe1323d ago

This isn't a Dota ripoff, by any stretch of the imagination. It's not similar in the slightest even.

Heck, the game isn't even team based, even though there are teams, the game is scored individually. I'm not going to explain all the manners in which this game isn't like DoTa, but seriously, watch the twitch streams, it's nothing alike.

itBourne1324d ago

I have played the game and it is an absolute blast. It is not a moba clone, the game mechanics and strategy are not moba style. More a top down combat arena mixed with some moba elements that really serve as objectives to entice different strategies. Like helping other teams, or teammates but maybe not at times because the game has one winner, not a winning team.

Qrphe1324d ago

This game is incredibly fun, holy crap

nicksetzer11324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Yea, looks fun, but they already have dead nation, hell divers and a few other indies that are already released exclusive to PS4. How many partially top down twin stick shooters do we really need two year into ONE console?

Really happy to see san diego doing something new, but I think i will probably pass on this one, due to the saturation of the very specific genre so far this gen. I really enjoyed dead nation again and hell divers, but I think I have had my fill for a while.

Transistor1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Now the PS4 has too many games......

SMH, now I've heard it all.

nicksetzer11324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Wow ... what a freaking spin. Sony needs to hire you to do their marketing. How you came up with that from my comment is just insane.

4+ games that are almost identical is quite a bit different from "too many games." Also, it isn't the number of games I was talking about, it is the extreme saturation games like this have on the console.

Would you rather have 50 top down twin stick shooters or 50 of multiple genres? You don't need to answer, you are obviously just trolling. If you are happy to have another game like hell divers and dead nation already, than great, how that means I have to be is beyond me.

Transistor1324d ago

You're talking about the PS4 having too many games, like it's a bad thing and I'm trolling and spinning things?

NOW, I've heard it all.

Haxamin1324d ago

"Would you rather have 50 top down twin stick shooters or 50 of multiple genres? You don't need to answer, you are obviously just trolling."

Protip: Increasing the number of actual games belonging to the same genre by 25-fold doesnt help assert your point. It just shows that your the one <ahem> spinning. Also, these games are not only aesthetically different, as well as having their own uniques mechanics, but are also released in a very spread out time frame.
Whats more astonishing is that there are plenty games of multiple genres.
So this isnt a question of "Would you rather have 50 top down twin stick shooters or 50 of multiple genres?" Fact is, PS4 has both.
Good day.

Qrphe1324d ago

This game is nothing like any of the other ones you've mentioned. This is basically the closest thing to a proper console MOBA there is.

BitbyDeath1324d ago

FPS still far outweigh it unfortunately.
More of this and less FPS garbage imo.

nicksetzer11324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

@haxamin would you prefer 5 top down twin stick shooters or 5 of different genres. As if that changes anything. you guys really can't handled any other opinion than your own.

Ironically you guys are the same ones who claim other Publishers have nothing but shooters (despite it not being even close to this) yet completely disagree when it is Sony?

Also, AGAIN the number of games is not the issue. More games is fine. Having so many of them be one very niche type of game is an issue, for me at least. If you like having this many studios working on exclusive PS games that are almost the same, then great. I don't.

@Qrphe wouldn't SMITE be the closest thing to a moba on console? Also, I find the differences are nowhere near as severe as you claim...

Helldivers for example:

Transistor1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )


"Also, AGAIN the number of games is not the issue. More games is fine. Having so many of them be one very niche type of game is an issue, for me at least. If you like having this many studios working on exclusive PS games that are almost the same, then great. I don't."

I'm not seeing that problem.

The PS4 has more than enough variety in different genres.

nicksetzer11324d ago

@transistor ... ahh so theres your real color. Why are you posting a comparison of xbox one? I don't recall saying anything about XB1.

Obviously you are taking this as some personal attack on your favorite console. When really, I just want Sony to focus on some other genres for exclusives. Especially for their first party studios.

Qrphe1324d ago

>wouldn't SMITE be the closest thing to a moba on console?

I said proper MOBA for consoles. SMITE was made with PC in mind and somewhat works on console while KillStrain is being developed for PS4 in its entirety. The fact that you keep on bringing up other games that superficially look similar to KillStrain mean you have no idea what KillStrain is about.

MasterCornholio1324d ago

There's nothing wrong with having variety. Its called having options and that's never a bad thing.

DigitalRaptor1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Oh look. The Xbox guy bagging on PS4 (yes... PS4 of all consoles) for a lack of diversity.

None of us need your advice when it comes to diversity. PS4 is the console that has the most diversity out of any of them this generation. And acting like Dead Nation is the same as Helldivers is the same as Kill Strain is hilarious. Like many have asserted, and you clearly have no idea about, these games are aesthetically, thematically and mechanically different. Oh wow..... they have a top down perspective and have guns..... they MUST be incredibly similar. You're so wrong. Each of these games can and will offer something different to different gamers.

How many racing games do we need on one console in two years?

How many FPS games do we need on one console in two years?

You sounds ridiculous and it's because you are stealth trolling, whilst ignoring the same thing that happens on your Xbox - and it's that simple. Just like you tried to spin based on limited knowledge about the PS4 UI ads, questioning whether you actually own one, now you're trying to pretend that all top down shooters are the same because of their genre.

Screw the wonderful looking Alienation also scheduled for this year.... too many damn top down shooters, i tell you. ;)

Transistor1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )


I posted that link to show the diversity in the PS4 retail titles.

Ironically, you're the one who got defensive. I never even mentioned the Xbox One, I was talking about the PS4 the whole time.

True colors indeed. You should probably stop posting.

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oasdada1324d ago

@nick.. ur going out of ur way to prove transistor is wrong OR a troll.. Wth man?

Priestwithgun1324d ago

Well,I would have been pissed too,when a guy brings up a comparison with another console out of nowhere and gives shitty logic tht he formed by twisting my words

Most infuriating of all-he got more agrees than me.

people like transistor prevent healthy discussions :)

MasterCornholio1324d ago

Transistor does have a point though.

What kind of a gamer complains about having too many games?

gangsta_red1322d ago

"What kind of a gamer complains about having too many games?"

Not so long ago a lot of gamers were complaining about too many FPS World War II shooters.

PoSTedUP1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

looks cool. looks like phone games will be taking over consoles soon. -_-.

i just see the shift, i see the slow hesitant start of this gen, the rise in demand of small stupid games; the decline in console games, the distribution of either a hardcore game like blood bourne or the usual extremely casual COD, the slow loss of framchises¹, handhelds and big consoles losing touch with the industry etc. everything is getting smaller and smaller, quality, quantity, the whole nine. long live the PS4.

[1] a newely founded cuisine dish consisted of french fries, spam, and chives, derived from my typo; framchises.

q8kik1324d ago

Big games aren't going anywhere, they just take longer development time than they used to.

Just a reminder, San Diego released two MLB games prior to this "small" game.

Palitera1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

They are not going because they have already gone. Multiple big companies bankrupted and a ton of them have shifted towards more reliable business (little garbage games).

And now... Even San Diego making a ridiculous half baked shooter, aka F2P? (I know it is Sony so it shouldn't ever be criticized, it is a capital sin, but I don't care)

The proof for this is very simple to be seen. Year after year there are fewer big games being released. The only ones that are not delayed are annual franchises, which are mostly the same games with a mod or reskin.

So, if anyone is thinking "but 2015 is gonna be awesome", no, the games from the second semester will be "delayed" for 2016. You're just naive if you don't see this.


PS: the game reminds a lot another game worth nothing called Secret Ponchos

q8kik1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )


You're calling it half baked because it a F2P title?

Are you also calling Lol, Dota 2 and planetside half baked games?

If so then please educate yourself because you sound ignorant.


Secret Ponchos devs are indie......San Diego is not.

MysticStrummer1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

@Palitera - "They are not going because they have already gone"

We can always rely on you for an exaggeration or three in every comment. There are "big" games in the present, coming in the near future, and farther on.

OT - Looks fun. I'll definitely check it out.

PoSTedUP1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

@q8: but the big games are dwindling. the two best games this gen are from last gen. the new big innovators and blockbusters (e.g. titan fall and SO); one did OK but underwhelming for FPS console and SO fell flat on its face sales wise. same goes for 98.6% of nintendo WIiU games, hell i really think nintendo are pumping out some good s***, giving us what we've been asking for, except still no one is buying it...

consoles will be around for a while longer, but the fact is they are dying, sad to say. i understand the budget is higher and it takes longer for them to make games etc. but thats besides the point that a lot of other aspects are deteriorating and have been since last gen. IMO, developers have been predicting this and that is the reason why they are hesitant to go big and/or make a smaller game; or gotten completely flushed out of the industry or left intentionally because of it. jaffes FTP + a remaster, the 50 remasters weve gotten at the Start of this gen, david sears left his own squad to work on FTP, hand helds are dying. im just calling it how i see it, and comparing it to all other gens. inflation is through the roof in some countrys, every aspect of the industry seems to be hurting except for ps4 console sales and a couple of big games i.e. COD with a decent attachment rate. it sounds negitive, but its because it is... newer generations of human beings are different (i.e. they suck) and its hurting us. im not saying it cant be revived or that it isnt going to get better, and i apologize for being negitive i hate being that guy. it just seems lackluster and depressing when i think of the reality of the future. lets get hammered. ha jk. we should all buy Ipads and join the fad, guys.

q8kik1324d ago


Bringing up Nintendo gamers(Still sticking with Mario and Zelda games till doomsday and refuse to support third party titles) and XBox gamers(Almost KEYWORD almost only support certain types of games mainly action and sports) and act as if they're the only examples is wrong imo

Look at the PC and PS communities instead, they support all kinds of games. Big or small, from action games all the way to visual novels.

Don't forget the fact that almost every big blockbuster ps4 title sold more than a million copies
So no, consoles and big games are not dying in my humble opinion.

PoSTedUP1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

i gave a lot of points actually, and your opinion is indeed humble.

the PC community is thriving, but look at the sales for big titles compared to their console counterpart; piracy, its god awful. and PCs are not what im talking about anyway. the ps4 is on its way to being the 3DS of the console generation as the 3DS is like the PSP while the vita flops. while a console WIIU does worse then the worst handheld and nobody is doing remotely close to what they did in japan last gen; 10-fold the gen before that. hint: mobile gaming. the market it split more then it ever was. there are more commerciqls for mobile games then there are console games. one had a super bowl commercial for christ sakes.

a 1m attach rate for exclusives isnt that great when a console is selling like crack and has 20m user base and is hungry for games. the PS3 did better software numbers when it was selling like **** with an even smaller user base... if im not mistaken. (exclusive wise, deff not COD games bc like i said thoes games are the last of the big sellers; the days of random-ass games selling decently are more over than the decline in them themselves.).

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poppinslops1324d ago

GTA 5 is the highest-earning entertainment product of all time... Yeah, it doesn't have Angry Birds' profit margines, but R* will still be around in 10 years.

Where will Rovio be?

Lionalliance1324d ago

Video is not playing for me.

jjonez181324d ago

Same here. Doesn't even show up on mobile.

Blackleg-sanji1324d ago

Holy crap why is a free to play gaming bringing in so many darn trolls come on guys seriously

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