Gamer experiences 14-year-old Halo for the first time; watch him react

Mike Miller writes - "Two Spartans prepare for battle. One crash-lands on an unfamiliar cosmic installation to discover its secrets for the first time; the other wages a calculated, well-rehearsed assault on Halo’s control room. Every Halo fan knows few things are as brutally satisfying as hearing a Grunt’s childish squeals while his companions fall before him… and that pistol-whipping him as he flees is one of those things. However, my Spartan ally does not. He’s never played a Halo game before."

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Sureshot1317d ago

Nothing like seeing that impossible horizon for the first time in the mission 2 of combat evolved....

Naga1317d ago

That was my definitive Xbox experience... I still remember exactly where I was the first time I saw that.

BattleAxe1317d ago

I just played through this game for the first time with a friend about a month ago, and it was quite a lot of fun. We've started playing through Halo 3 just a few days ago. I love how all four games can be played through in co-op.

rawrock1317d ago

Yeah when I bought Halo MCC it was the first time I played Halo too...

holysmokesbatman1317d ago

Did you enjoy it? Also did you play solo or with a friend?
I love Halo, it's the reason I HAD to buy an xbox.\
(played original on PC had to buy xbox to play Halo2)
Never been good at the multiplayer side though, without fail, I usually get my ass handed to me.
Can't wait to see where the story leads in Guardians.

rawrock1317d ago

I played solo, and yeah I loved the campaigns. They were a blast and the story was cool. Not a huge fan of the online, I prefer large open maps for online shooters like BF4. I get my ass handed to me in Halo online as well lol...

Ripsta7th1317d ago

This was not his first time
He even says on the vid that he had already done some missions