The most exciting games for New 3DS may not Come from Nintendo

GamesRadar - If you went out and bought a New 3DS this year, you're probably enjoying the speedier load times and fantastic, eye-tracking 3D tech housed within, but what you really want it for is great games. Except there hasn’t exactly been a tidal wave of New 3DS exclusive games coming to the handheld. But the addition of the Unity game engine could very well mean that wave of games can begin to swell up. Would you enjoy playing a portable version of the survival game Rust, or building a city on-the-go in Cities: Skylines? Hell, I would. Adding more indie support for its consoles is something Nintendo has needed, and bringing Unity 3D onto the platform could prove to be a fantastic way to help small developers thrive on a Nintendo platform.

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magiciandude1321d ago

The new 3DS is one big slap in the face to every 3DS owner out there (a lot, including me). I won't be buying any games requiring one, that's for sure. Nintendo really screwed the pooch with their fans on this one. Now I know exactly what to do with their next handheld...

Rebel_Scum1320d ago (Edited 1320d ago )

A rant with no context or reasoning is just a rant.

EDIT: I'm pretty happy with my new 3DS. Xenoblade Chronicles and Majoras Mask play so good on it!

Would be cool to get Broforce on there.