Silent Hill Lives on in Half Life 2 through Alchemilla Mod with Oculus Rift Option

Carl Williams writes, "Silent Hill is one of those franchises that appeared during the 32-Bit Sony Playstation days that simply has not died, at least till recently. Konami recently announced that the new Silent Hill title is more than likely not going to see the light of day (in Silent Hill, was there really any light?). The horror franchise that spawned a bit of media expansion for Konami, something their other titles failed at doing for the most part, is probably only going to live on in mods created by fans, as long as Konami doesn’t go and start sending out cease and desist letters (which they are legally entitled to do). Silent Hill: Alchemilla though, this is something unique that homebrew developers have created using the Source engine. This homebrew release goes where fans never knew they really wanted the series to go- the Oculus Rift."

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Ace Killa 081318d ago

Source Engine still doing wonders.

Also wow, I did not know Titanfall was made by source engine.

RenegadeRocks1318d ago

Can't even dare to put on Occulus on this one ! Too many memories -_-

Jurat1318d ago (Edited 1318d ago )

Very intrigued; can't wait to try this out.

EDIT: Article says it is only rift compatible for Mac? Can anyone confirm? I'm on PC.

triverse1318d ago

The limit to the Mac is stated by the dev. This could be due to them not having Windows available. If you have the hardware and can confirm it works on Windows Oculus Rift then I would love to update the article.

billybehr1318d ago

Looks awesome. Love the Silent Hill universe.

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