PlayStation Plus Members Locked Out Of Accounts, PS Now Beta May Be To Blame

A group of PlayStation Plus members are reporting that they have lost access to the Sony service and all affiliated content over the past few days, despite being told by support representatives that their accounts are all valid and have not expired. Issues first arose a few days ago with more and more people saying they can’t access any of their digital content, with a thread on the PlayStation community site at 49 pages at time of writing.

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Horseheadinthebed1322d ago

I have been locked out of a majority of my owned digital content....even Netflix and I-player do not work!

uptownsoul1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )

Is it just in Europe or in the USA as well? I have PS Now here in the USA and all my features (PS Now, PS+, Netflix, etc.) work, but if some peoples features don't work, Sony needs to get on that ASAP!!!

Horseheadinthebed1322d ago

Looks like it's just us in Europe , I like the disagree I had for stating what I and countless others are going through. My vita seems unaffected , haven't tried my PS3 yet though...

kreate1322d ago

They should update it for clarification.

TrollsBringer1322d ago

Some quality service Sony got there...

Me-Time1321d ago

TrollsBringer, eh...

We're all thinking it: Shut the &*** up.

gapecanpie1321d ago (Edited 1321d ago )

Its always something with Sony and PSN ... Why cant they get a working network thats not breaking all the time?.... Then they want people to pay for that crap... Smh

Me-Time1321d ago

I'm relpying to this to tell people they need not reply.

And also, don't things happen that are out of our control?
And PSN only works because there are people there who keep it running, period. Crap happens. Way to jump on an opportunity to say Sony/SCE and PSN are inconsistent. Same goes for Xbox LIVE; fortunately for Xbox and Microsoft, LIVE has great reliability for many reasons.

The reasons can be checked if you compare its history along with Microsoft's dominant PC experience to the PS Network and Sony technically being the new kid on the block, catching up to LIVE's online MP service along with providing the other types of services that PS Plus has to offer in order to compete with LIVE. We all know LIVE is more stable. It didn't happen overnight though.

Me-Time1321d ago

The disagrees could be people who aren't experiencing what you are. Stop acknowledging them as if they're trying to hurt your "feelings"

Me-Time1321d ago

Awww, boohoo, a disagree. What a fartknocker, the first vote was a disagree, not 10 minutes after I made this post lol

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KryptoniteTail1322d ago

Nothing should ever be locked on your system regardless. It's dumb a family can't share everything. Such greed.

uptownsoul1322d ago

Also, nobody shouldn't have to pay for a subscription service in order to upload gameplay video. Such greed…Thankfully, Playstation doesn't doesn't require payment just to upload gameplay video

vallencer1322d ago

I'm lost on how his comment enticed you to make comments about microsoft....

uptownsoul1322d ago (Edited 1322d ago )


I didn't say anything about Microsoft…@KryptoniteTail made a comment about greedy companies (I presume, Sony) and I illustrated an example of a feature Sony could have been greedy with, but decided not to be.


Thankfully your not talking about me otherwise you would have noticed my original comment (#1.1) where I said, "...if some peoples features don't work, Sony needs to get on that ASAP!!!"

Crimzon1322d ago


Whenever Sony does something bad or wrong it's easier to say, "B-b-but Microsoft!" rather than coming to terms with the fact that things like this are unacceptable.

Why o why1322d ago

I thought my plus had run out......luckily i didnt see any deals. Maybe its a coincidence i received a notification saying the auto renewal was close

vallencer1321d ago

You didn't specifically say anything about microsoft true. However anyone that knows about xbox live knows they have locked the game recordings behind live. So it's easy to deduce from your comment that your were making a jab at Microsoft. I was merely pointing that out. You don't always have to make comments and say microsoft to know what you're talking about. That's true for everyone.

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ThunderPulse1322d ago

Man that sucks I wish you all the best.

sprinterboy1321d ago

Same here, you found a fix yet buddy, I've tried everyrhing, Sony customer support not available till after bank holiday :(

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