Turtle Beach talks Elite 800X gaming headset compatibility with PS4, Xbox 360 and PC

Turtle Beach clarifies some details regarding the compatibility of the Elite 800X Xbox One gaming headset with other platforms.

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IcicleTrepan1318d ago

I think they're being sneaky with the wording there. I have an XP510, which is essentially the last gen version of the Elite 800X. Yes it doesn't work wirelessly with PS3/PS4 nor XB1, however I have just been using the 'mobile device' cable that came with it to connect from the controller to the headset. I have the game audio come through via optical and voice only on the controller and it works fine. I see no reason why this wouldn't work the same, you just lose out on the wireless portion for the other systems.

Gedes1318d ago

I have the Elite 800's for the PS4. They work perfectly on the Xbox One with the media cable and the chat adapter that Microsoft sells for $25. No problems at all.