PS4 file size listed for Project CARS

The file size has been listed for the PlayStation 4 version of the upcoming racing game, Project CARS.

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SynGamer1203d ago

Thank you. Saves me from having to click the link to view the site for such a pointless article. They could just as easily include the file size above.

rodiabloalmeida1203d ago

Yeah, 'cos your finger might break if you left-click the link one time. Happened to me once /s

snoopgg1203d ago

yeah and their finger might break if they would have just listed it above. Pointless click and possible broken finger according to you

_-EDMIX-_1203d ago

lol, your lucky it wasn't me working on that site.

"PS4 file size listed for Project Cars and its a SHOCKER lolz, lolz!"

Page 1- (PS4 file size for Project)

Page 2- (Cars...)

Page 3- (confirmed to be...)

Page 4- (by the team..)

Page 5- (Slightly)

Page 6- (Mad studios)

Page 7- (from London, England)

Dat suspense doe!

Angerfist1203d ago

X1 Version 18.1 GB. Maybe better Compression on PS4 or maybe a Patch missing. Very small size tho for the amount of content. Shows that its possible to fit a Ton of content on a blu Ray.

gameboy11201d ago

Around the same size as Xenoblade X...

Bigearz2811203d ago

People are live streaming it now on live from playstation and on twitch. Driveclub looks and plays better, heck even forza looks better than this.

Palitera1203d ago

It is a product focused on bullshots and marketing overpromises.
It shouldn't surprise anyone.

Ripsta7th1202d ago ShowReplies(1)
gameboy11201d ago

I just watched it on twitch it look nothing compared to screenshots ect it look floaty and washed out where is the physics...

Bigearz2811202d ago

It honestly looks looks boring, been watching the live stream. Preorder= cancelled.

KiwiViper851202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

Stop it... You never had it pre ordered.

I know you used it for dramatic effect, but its been well documented that its a realistic sim racer, and that's exactly what it is.

Were you expecting the Day 1 patch to turn it into Burnout?

Qrphe1202d ago

I have certainly not enjoyed of what I was able to play at some point, but you certainly never pre-ordered it either.