E3: What You Didn't See

With the curtains drawing on E3 for another year, how did your predictions for the show work out? As anyone who read last week's column will no doubt have noted,'s own insistence that predictions are a mug's game turned out to be painfully accurate - with the list they offered of things to watch out for being hit and miss, with an emphasis on the miss.

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Hydrolex3774d ago

I have heard this time it doesn't just die but it somehow farts before it dies

UMM nice job Microsoft, at least they are updating something

toughNAME3774d ago

But I hear Bungie will be doing something at TGS

Fishy Fingers3773d ago

I disagree, I think there were some fantastic games shown, all worthy of the "next gen" label, although its actually "this gen" now.

Leathersoup3773d ago

I'm so sick of Bungie. I'm a 360 owner. That's all I have, but I cannot see why people think Halo 3 is so great. It's not. It's pretty bland.

Hydrolex3774d ago

Since when Gaylo is next gen ?

Gaylo only has good online. Good online =/= NEXT GEN

what a dumass

t-0_ot-3773d ago (Edited 3773d ago )

Agreed. But, kg7310, don't pay attention to Mrs. Ex-Fanboy of the Week.

Hydrolex is just upset that the PS3 doesn't have Halo. =)

keops33773d ago

where is my just cause 2 y want it rigth now

and where is the new trailer for midnight club los angeles?

Isaac3773d ago

"Hydrolex is just upset that the PS3 doesn't have Halo. ="

Nobody needs Halo when you have Resistance

t-0_ot-3773d ago

Lol.. Resistance? Good game, no doubt. But, not as good as Halo, especially the online portion of the game.

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