Most Disappointing Games of E3 2008

No publisher or platform is safe in this "Anti Awards" article. that takes a look at several games they were hoping to enjoy but definitely didn't during E3 this year.

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toughNAME3774d ago

Turning Point: Fall of Man 2 had to be the most disappointing for me

mesh13774d ago

re5 didnt look like it did in the scanes it just look average graphically tbhand gameplay wise,lbp just boring,resisitance was a major let down the game is not good i hate almost everything about that game the gun designs ,the effects,the art style,the gameplay, how the guns fired ,the xp system ,the graphics and im not being biased but the game just screams average.

Real Gambler3773d ago

Common, don't tell me that spending 10 minutes showing the rippoff of a really old Playstation 2 game was incredible!

How many millions will buy it? I know it's for the "casual" gamer under 10 year old, but still, that was horrible.

PoSTedUP3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

LBP and RE5....

this list is lame.

Hydrolex3774d ago (Edited 3774d ago )

All Xbox 360 games except Gears of War 2

LOL if you disagree that means you love to play LIPS and you are Gay

PS3 had some bad games too but MAG was the one who shocked me in the ass

Captain Tuttle3773d ago

Because you've played both?

Real Gambler3773d ago

I was not impressed by RE5 either, so I agree with Turtle on this one. We will have to wait until we can try it.

But saying LBP is bad because it rely on users for making the content???

Then any Unreal Tournament, or CounterStrike was bad. None had great graphics. But shoot, they are still being played TODAY. Why, because they are games that keep giving, ang giving.

It one million people buy LBP, there will be 999,950 really bad levels in the few weeks that will follow (they have a rating system to take care of that). But quite like 50 awesome new levels to play with.

5 or 6 millions people? That's 300 new levels every month. And that's if only a very, very, very small % of the population is any good.

Sorry, that's a future hit. Fun for 4 adults during a party. Awesome for kids. This guy is blind.

Hayabusa 1173773d ago

I can see how the control system can bring down a game like RE5, as controls are always the hidden element that often makes or breaks games.

I disagree with what the article wrote on LBP. I have played it, and I think the level creation tools are amazing, it just takes time to realise what exactly you can do with it. And I don't think there is such a thing as a "professional" game designer. Yes, some people do it for a living, but ask a gamer designer what qualitfications you need to do his/her job...

There isn't a school that teaches game design. All game designers started off as video game players. I'm pretty sure loads of gamers have the creativity to design amazing stages in LBP. Just look at what people do with halo 3's forge and what poeople are doing with the spore character creation.

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darkshiz3774d ago


these people or shall I say MONSTERS have no taste. They even put RE5.

Put Wii music thingy, LIPS, or something in there Mr. NO TASTE.

Hydrolex3774d ago

who ever says Sony's conference and its games were worse than Ms conference and its games then he/she is a serious mofo.

Dark General3774d ago

I wouldn't mind playing lips. Some of the songs they were playing was actually songs i know and i wouldn't mind making a total ass of myself while singing with my girlfriend.

TheColbertinator3773d ago

To me it was definitely Final Fantasy 13.They have a big show for it at E3 but they dont show gameplay or a release date.Talk about slapping fans in the face.

InMyOpinion3774d ago

I thought it was a good article. They didn't say that the games were bad, just that they didn't live up to what they expected. They back up their claims and look at the games from a different point of view.

Captain Tuttle3773d ago

It's actually kind of nice to see a contrarian view once in awhile. Cuts through the hype.

beavis4play3773d ago

then i'll bet you wouldn't find this so positive.

Captain Tuttle3773d ago

Wrong. I didn't say I agreed or disagreed with any of the writer's conclusions did I? I just said it's good to see a different point of view once in a while (something that's becoming rarer and rarer these days on N4G).

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