Hacking the Future: A Watch Dogs 2 Wish List

While Watch Dogs carries a somewhat negative reputation, most of that is the result of it not meeting the expectations of many gamers rather than being a poor game. Looking back, it had a lot of bright ideas, some of which just weren't fully realized, but that's what a sequel is for.

If yesterday's leak is to be believed, Watch Dogs 2's development is well underway and Ubisoft is just waiting for the right moment to announce its existence. That got me thinking about what it can do to substantiate itself as a killer IP in today's gaming climate. Below I'll share what I hope Watch Dogs 2 improves upon from the first game.

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ion531319d ago

Just ditch the serious tone. Have you play a hacker who hacks just for the fun of it, then us the player can relate as we too are hacking for the fun. Improve graphics. Improve car physics. Setting in London. More hacking capabilities. Bring back Jordan Chin, T-Bone and other comical characters.

There you go Watch_Dogs 2.