Is it sexist not to have a female lead character? Are developers under pressure?

"There’s nothing wrong with having women in games, but shoehorning them in for the sake of it and hoping to get some good press out of it is to make a mockery of the issue of sexism in the first place, and that’s fairly sickening."

Steve from Gamespresso argues that developers are being pressurized into putting women into their games so that publishers can claim that they aren't sexist.

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xHeavYx1320d ago

No, it's not sexist. People who insist on this type of equality may want to develop their own game and make any protagonist they want.

-Foxtrot1320d ago

If the game and it's story don't t work with the opposite gender then that's how it is.

annoyedgamer1319d ago

Get a programming degree and make your own game.

MegaRay1319d ago

Lot of Boys and girls like to play as male characters. Games with male protagonist character sells. Developers want their game to sell. Even female developers make games with male protagonist.