The Witcher 3 PS4 Loading Times Are Around 40 Seconds, New 1080p/60fps Videos Show Stunning Details

Also includes a short video of Geralt standing on top of one of the highest mountains in Skellige.

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Czy w Wiedźminie 3 można wejść wszędzie? Wspinaczka na jeden z najwyższych szczytów Skellige zdaje się to potwierdzać. Mam pozwolenie z CD Projekt RED na opublikowanie tego unikalnego nagrania, całość pochodzi z kwietniowego eventu zorganizowanego w Warszawie w siedzibie developera.Więcej tutaj:

Posted by Rock Alone on Saturday, May 2, 2015
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slappy508994d ago

Ouch 40 seconds. I'll stick to the PC version where there are little to no loading screens confirmed

KeplerNoMore994d ago

Loading times are only if you fast travel or die, there are no loading times during gameplay for any platform. (check the interview from last week when they anounced this feature, they never mentioned PC as the only platform with no loading times, just that the only time the game loads is: when its starts, when you die, when you fast travel)

slappy508994d ago

Regardless 40 seconds is still annoying

GameBoyColor993d ago

I use fast travel a lot doe ;_;

ginsunuva993d ago

He was going to get it for PC regardless.

Everyone would if they could.

nix993d ago

-1 for long loading time.

Coming up soon, near your favourite reviewing site.

T900993d ago

Gameplay looks very smooth, looks like they nailed the PC version optimization.

Devilbringer993d ago

would probaly get the pc version if i had a computer that could handle these open world graphics, sadly i dont so i'm getting the ps4 version, these type of games i enjoy better on sitting on my coach with a controller in my hand anyway, still i'm really looking forward on getting my hand on this masterpice :D

StrawberryDiesel420993d ago

Same thing with Bloodborne, only time there's a load screen is when you die or travel to another area but that didn't stop it from being raked over the burning hot coals.

starchild993d ago

Having no loading in the open world will save a lot of time in the course of playing the game. Having to reload after you die or fast travel is unavoidable, but they shouldn't be too bad.

That third video looks amazing. The scale and detail is incredible. The thought of being able to climb all the mountains in the game makes me so excited.

AngryTypingGuy993d ago

I guess people need to complain about something. Relax, with no loading screen except for fast traveling and dying, I don't think 40 seconds on the occasions when it does load is a big deal. And who knows, maybe they will cut down on the loading times in a future update like they did with Bloodborne. It's going to be an amazing game.

Utalkin2me993d ago

I would assume with my SSD in my PS4 that would shave some time off as it does in most games. But this is a PC buy for me.

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Revolt13994d ago

You deserve many disagrees

slappy508994d ago

Because I don't like 40 second loading times? Suck it!

Dynasty2021993d ago (Edited 993d ago )


PCs load faster on SSDs.

Skyrim? The text in the loading screen doesn't even appear and you're loaded in - >3 seconds.

GTA 5? Loads in maybe 20 seconds compared to the minute+ on consoles.

Everything loads faster on PC when you have an SSD. It turns double digit loading times into single.

SSDs on consoles just save you maybe 3 or 4 seconds, it's pathetic.

Yeah, there are hardly any load times in The Witcher 3, and those that do exist will be over FAR quicker on PC.

But no, you cant accept the consoles arent as good.

This isn't PC elitism, this is pathetic console owners downvoting people who make consoles look bad, even when they're right.

Bolts993d ago

Do you like 40 seconds loading time? For that matter how can anyone not dislike 40 seconds loading time? Stupid fanboys.

rodiabloalmeida993d ago


Here. Have a bubble for stating the truth that these stupid fanboys denies.

PurpHerbison993d ago (Edited 993d ago )


An SSD on a console saves you more than that but it wouldn't be the right choice to grab an SSD for a PS4 since it doesn't support trim. A hybrid drive on the other hand will show some pretty decent improvements. Take this video for example.
(All SSHD load times in this video are virgin loads)

It would also shave about 10+ seconds off on the current Bloodborne load times.

Utalkin2me993d ago


I have a SSD in my PS4 and everything loads faster.

ashcroft993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Are you 14? He makes a valid point. 40 seconds is way too long. Disagree because your precious playstation 4 has been outdated since it's launch?

Cry all you want, but the PC version is the version you should get if given the chance.

The consoles this gen is about DLC that was ripped out from the original game, game breaking glitches and remasters.

I regretted getting a launch ps4. So disagree all you like, it doesn't change the fact that the PC is currently a better option if you actually want to have a great experience as opposed to wait on a ridiculously long load times and if you like paying to play online.

ashcroft993d ago


SSD on the PS4 is a mistake. An SSD has a limited of writes before it starts failing. The PS4 caches a lot of things to the Hard drive. (which is considered reading and writing)

As fast as SSD is, it's not meant for constant writing, better backup everything on the external every so often.

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sigfredod993d ago

i will wait for the results with the day 1 patch installed before say it is 40 sec, just to confirm you know?

vergilxx3993d ago

lol I have one of the best ssd in my ps4 so will be 5 seconds for me ..

kraenk12993d ago

Sadly SSDs don't show that much improvement on consoles.

T900993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Problem with SSD on console is you need to get a really big one, considering how big install files have gotten too. I would say atleast 1 TB of SSD. Since consoles can hold on 1 drive. Which means alot of money.

On a PC you could get away with a 250 GB SSD. Install currently played games on that SSD. While you could have a back up 3 TB hard drive for all your media.

Hence unless you are willing to spend 400-500usd on an SSD for the console i think its not worth it fitting a console with a small SSD.

Edit: As kraenk12 said SSDs dont work to potential on console because of many bottlenecks. Consoles use Sata 2 as an interface which is a bottleneck and they have very slow CPUs which again limits SSD performance. Need a fast CPU to make good use of an SSD to begin with. So in the end its a waste on console.

yezz993d ago (Edited 993d ago )


I don't really follow... If 250GB SSD is enough for you on the PC, why do you really need 1TB on the PS4. Game sizes aren't any smaller on the PC... Just delete the games you don't play anymore and 500GB is more than enough.

GTA V loads 28 seconds faster with an SSD so the differences can be very clear.

T900993d ago


Well you can load a PC with multiple hard drives. Hence if a PC has 250 GB SSD, its ok since other media etc can be kept on other drives etc.

On console you only have a space for 1 hard drive. Hence if its small then its becomes cumbersome installing and deleting things. Hence you need a large SSD on the console which will cost lots of money.

Svinya993d ago

You can connect 3 additional drives to an X1...

T900993d ago


Yes you can connect additional hard drives via the USB port, however transferring data across the USB port is dead slow and cumbersome. Specially if its anything like 40-50GB of a game. Its going to take forver from an external hard drive.

Utalkin2me993d ago

I wouldn't say shaving 10-15 secs in load times not much improvement, for having a SSD in a console.

yezz993d ago (Edited 993d ago )


I know you can put additional hard drives on Pc but it doesn't really matter here since you have hardly any additional media/other files on a console.

Why does it become any more cumbersome than on a PC when all you're going to manage is game files and maybe few videos/pictures that won't take much space? I simply can not understand your point...

And these consoles include USB 3.0.. The Xbox One actually loads faster with an external 3.0 HDD than with the internal stock HDD so once again you're wrong.

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kraenk12993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

What makes you think PC is gonna be much faster with higher res textures and considering one is not using an SSD?!

Str8Chaos74993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Becuase PC's as a whole have much better hardware. More ram, faster ram, faster processor, better GPU, faster hard drive, ect.

Haki1112993d ago (Edited 993d ago )

Lol because most people who got this game or getting it on pc has better hardware than the ps4/xb1 I got it for free when I got my gtx 980 from Newegg I cannot wait

remixx116993d ago Show
HammadTheBeast993d ago

I mean, if you have a $1000+ rig, then of course you should be fine.

ashcroft992d ago

I don't know where you get your stuff, but you do need need to spend anywhere near that to run witcher 3.

Console fanboys no nothing outside of their precious outdated machine.

You can spend $500 and run Witcher 3...but what do you know?

HammadTheBeast992d ago


Why bother with a $500 machine and running the game on lowest settings? Isn't the whole point of the PC version higher graphics than other versions?

I have a gaming PC as well lol, I just understand how the platform works and the ups and downs of both.

DevilOgreFish993d ago

The whole series is on PC anyways. i still haven't completed my enhanced edition yet.

Haki1112993d ago

You should it's great I like it better than two

Meltic993d ago


Its eather 40 sec loading or Downgrade.... i choose loading

Ferage993d ago

Don't mind the disagrees, these fanboys are pathetic, N4G is full of them.

KwietStorm993d ago

If loading times is the deciding factor for you to play The Witcher 3 on PC or console, I'm gonna assume you never had any intentions of playing on PS4 in the first place, if you even have one.

Jalva993d ago

95 disagrees for choosing the PC version (the platform the franchise was built for and by far the most powerful version) over the PS4 version... continue with that level of honesty and you'll have one bubble in no time.

SilentNegotiator993d ago

140+ disagrees for stalking the pending articles section to leave an off topic elitist comment as the first comment in an article about the Ps4 version.


xander70769993d ago

Is it possible that this is an exaggeration? I remember hearing about The Last of Us having something like 60 second load time to start before release and it never, ever took that long for me. Granted sometimes it could take almost 30 seconds but we have to keep in mind that exaggerations do happen. I'll believe it when I see it, surely not going to take this poorly written article at face value. (seriously, author needs to learn to grammar.)

Jihaad_cpt993d ago

Thank you for telling us. I was wondering which version you were going to get, the anticipation was palatable!

Pixelart993d ago

Lol 40 seconds.. Crappy Console. No thanks. I'll stick to my PC.

AndreR993d ago

Do anyone remember Oblivion on xbox 360 when it first came. it had over 40 sec everytime you would go through a door, fast travel or die. and no one said a thing about it.

Pixelart992d ago (Edited 992d ago )

Yeah.. That was 8 years ago..
Sympathizers will be sympathizers though

raymantalk1993d ago

if you dont like the 40 secs loading time buy a SSD DRIVE for your PS4 oh and the PC has same loading times problem so dont matter what version you get.

Pixelart992d ago

Yeah.. But still stuck at Sata2 speed so.. No thanks.

N0TaB0T993d ago

If 40 seconds is torture you need to actually make progress in life.

snoopgg992d ago

what a bunch of crybabies

ashcroft992d ago

If waiting 40 seconds for a game to load is a life matter to you, then you need to get a better life.

Every time I load, fast travel I need to wait 40 seconds? Sounds impractical.

It sounds like those who do have lives have an issue with it. Especially when you bought a so called next gen console that`s nothing more than a slight upgrade over last gen.

Keep defending the load times. I`m pretty sure if this was only an xbox issue or pc issue, you would have laughed. But since it`s on a`s overexaggerated.

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Hold_It994d ago

That's not bad at all for game with such a big scope.

BLow993d ago

Right and what I find funny is that nobody is talking about the actual [email protected] gameplay but just the loading times when YOU FAST TRAVEL. Gamers today O_o

Hold_It993d ago

Yeah, pretty much. It's open world, it's expected with a game that looks as good as this with all the content in it would have some kind of loading time. Forty seconds is nothing, people are just very impatient these days.

Instead of criticizing the loading times, people should be appreciative that CDPR is giving us all those goodies with the base game, and that it's not going to be some flop like Watch Dogs.

Spinal994d ago

Can't wait for this game. Getting it on my PC so I don't think loading times will be existent.

I noticed a huge difference with gta 5 on my PC rather than my ps4 between loading between heists missions an back to free mode. The loading cut down quite a bit. But honestly I think it's partly Rockstar online servers that are slow.

PurpHerbison993d ago

If they had proper matchmaking you wouldn't be sitting through nearly as many load screens. The worst matchmaking ever.

Fro_xoxo994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

This is one of those games I'd rather wait to get on a PC, so I can play it the way it's meant to be played.

I'll wait till I have a new PC built.