Electronic Theatre: E3 2008: Xbox360: Street Fighter IV

Fans of the Street Fighter series and those anticipating the Xbox360 and PLAYSTATION3 releases of Street Fighter IV – due in to arrive in Europe in March next year – were eagerly awaiting a show floor unveiling of the home consoles offering. Unfortunately, all that was playable was the Arcade build previously seen at Capcom's Captivate '08 event, although utilising a finalised Arcade Control Cabinet.
The title plays incredibly similar to the Street Fighter series' biggest hit, Street Fighter II and in-fact draws so much from the previous title, that Street Fighter IV looks more like a true successor, making the true Street Fighter III look almost like a spin-off for the more hardcore one-on-one Beat-'Em-Up fans. And that's effectively were the title will end-up within most gamers hearts; as successful as Street Fighter III – and, more so, it's final iteration, Street Fighter III: Third Strike – was, by the time of release the majority of Street Fighter II fans had moved-on, having grown tired of repeated rehashes such as Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Street Fighter II and Super Street Fighter II Turbo...

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DarkSniper3804d ago

Anyone who buys the XBox 360 version seriously needs to re-evaluate the reasons he/she plays videogames. Playing any fighting game on Xbox 360 is a disaster and a complete travesty to your fingers. Their atrocious D-pad makes EVERY fighting game unplayable on the platform.

Dark Sniper will no doubt get quite a few laughs at those who try to perform a simple hadouken on Xbox 360.


kevco333804d ago

...and playing with the disjointed PLAYSTATION3 D-pad is better? I don't think so some how. Both have terrible Digital Control systems, and this is why you buy an Arcade Stick for your beat-'em-up thrills.