Boomtown Review: Overlord: Raising Hell

Overlord was released last year for the PC and Xbox 360 to generally positive reviews. As with any game that receives a better-than-average reception, an expansion pack soon followed in its wake. In this case, the expansion was entitled Raising Hell and was sold as an add-on to the existing versions. Reassured with the game's quality, Codemasters saw fit to release the game and its expansion as one title on the PS3.

On the surface, Overlord presents a fairly attractive third person fantasy action adventure game. You are a tall intimidating anti-hero in scary armour and you have a huge axe to batter things with. The set up is not an uncommon one. However, your main weapon (and the unique selling point of the game) is a horde of unruly minions that will pillage, burn, loot and destroy for you as you wreak merry havoc upon the local countryside.

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