Trials of Osiris - Finally, A Rewarding Crucible Mode Worth Grinding Out For

Two members of the Short Pause Guardians weigh in with there opinions on the new PvP mode that'll be included in the upcoming Destiny expansion, House of Wolves. Find out why they believe The Trials of Osiris could be the most rewarding Crucible mode by far.

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tazmeah1320d ago

It's nice to see teams who perform well will have the opportunity to get some really good rewards once they turn in their passage. Does anyone know if they'll be changing up the formula for the other basic Crucible modes to reward the players who perform the best? That seems to be the one complaint I hear the most from Destiny players regarding the Crucible.

TheDude791320d ago

The complaints are justifiable too, I've been in some matches where I've come in dead last on the team in terms of points, and I'll get some good drops, yet the person who was carrying our team gets nothing. Winning is always important when it comes to team play, but damn, at least hook the heroes up for trying their best!

Nio-Nai1320d ago

I've seen this a few times, One match had a guy with .05 k/d get an exotic drop and the dude at the top with 2.5 received nothing.

It doesn't make much sense.

Ray1861319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

Yeah, but if they only allow the top players to get the rewards what reason will people who don't do so well have to play? It's gotten so bad that with the next update they are going to be paying people to play.

"Your first match in the daily featured Crucible activity will earn you a new reward package each day."

Rooted_Dust1320d ago

Yeah, mark payouts will be doubled and they'll start giving out legendary weapon rewards.

Tapani1320d ago

How much content is there in hours for one full playthrough, where you just go through the story and nothing else?

martinezjesus19931320d ago

About 6-8 hours if you dont play the strikes, raids, or crucible. But if you do that you will end up hating on it like many people of this site that only played half the games content and complain about the games content

themobizkitz1319d ago

Is there matchmaking in this?

TheDude791319d ago (Edited 1319d ago )

The only matchmaking is when they pair pre-formed team against another team. You have to form a three-person fire team in order to join.