NVIDIA Shield Streamer Service Impacts Performance By 3-6%, Disable For Extra FPS Boost In Games

It appears that NVIDIA has enabled a streamer service that impacts performance on PC systems that are equipped with its graphics cards. According to the research of Reddit’s “lhikary”, NVIDIA has automatically enabled NVIDIA Sheild Streamer Service on its drivers; a service that is useless to all those not owning a Shield device.

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Mikeyy1320d ago

Good to know! I'll disable that soon as I get home from work.

Takwin1320d ago

This is incredibly stupid. We PC gamers often strive for 5% here and there, and to have that stolen from us for a ridiculous reason that only a sliver of their user base would benefit from is just stupid business.

Gwiz1320d ago

I never install Geforce Experience.

Mega241320d ago

Great info, thanks for the tip.

Roccetarius1320d ago

Great to know, it's already done. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.