Film Noir Gaming Brings Cyber Punk Action Shadowrun to the Super Nintendo

Carl Williams writes, "Shadowrun was an interesting title for the Super Nintendo (Sega’s version is COMPLETELY different). Partly because it predated their “Play it Loud” campaign by a full year, even though it had quite mature elements to it (for starters your guy just got axed/murdered/is dead). Shadowrun is also unique in that it was a cyber punk adventure, no not something like, well there aren’t a lot of references on console for this genre (there is Snatcher but that was a completely different game). This was an action/role playing game that did its best to bring the FASA tabletop game to the Super Nintendo. While the industry gave Shadowrun rave reviews and multiple awards, the fans simply did not show up to support it at retail. That is a shame because it is truly an interesting, if not over the head of the SNES’ target audience, action role playing game."

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