Biggest Graphical Downgrades In Video Games From The Initial Reveal

Games that look mind blowing in their first trailer but ended up being downgraded in the end.

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Relientk771324d ago

Yeah, Ubisoft really needs to stop downgrading

Genuine-User1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

I agree. Almost everything they show gets a downgrade by release.
The E3 reveal and closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege also exhibits quite a difference.

breakpad1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

while MGS 4 was a bit downgraded the final build was running on the exact same engine and the reason behind the small degradation (a bit less polygons on models) is the inclusion of big and absolute perfect MGO 2...also they should include the horrible transformation of MGR rising which was using the same engine wiht MGS4 but cause X360 couldnt support the heavy engine they gave it away to Platinum ...which by the way made a very good title

Azzanation1324d ago

Shouldn't blame the companies, blame the Hardware.

Priestwithgun1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

"don't blame the fairness cream blame ur puny face"

What a way to think

Priestwithgun1324d ago

"don't blame the fairness cream blame ur puny face"

What a way to think

Bobby Kotex1324d ago

Yeah it's not Ubisoft's fault they posted unrealistic gameplay footage.

ProjectVulcan1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

In the case of WatchDogs they may be allowed some leeway, simply because they showed the game nearly 18 months before the new consoles arrived and their hardware was not precisely fixed at that point.

They overestimated what Sony and Microsoft would deliver. However they have had no excuses for a while now so there should be no more downgradeatons from them.

Any major downgrades from games shown since late 2013 are entirely their fault.

Darkwatchman1323d ago

Doesn't always work that way. For example, The reveal for the first uncharted game looked better than the final product, but that's not the hardware's fault because Uncharted 2 and 3 looked better than the Uncharted 1 reveal so....

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spaceg0st1324d ago

That's why I'm not holding my breath in regards to the division. I'm so pumped for that game, but I have to keep my expectations very low

Genuine-User1324d ago

At this point, I would not mind if the graphics are not as good as the initial reveal. However, what I won't accept is a downgrade in gameplay and animation.

HammadTheBeast1324d ago

After The Crew I'm not sure how they can handle online multiplayer games.

98xpresent1324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Killzone 2 & watchdogs

psforward1324d ago

You clearly didn't play Killzone 2...

starchild1324d ago

Oh, get real. Killzone 2 looked fantastic, but it came nowhere close to that CGI trailer.

I can't believe the way some of you bash Ubisoft games for supposedly "massive" downgrades, but then you can't see the very big difference between that CGI trailer and the final game.

Genuine-User1324d ago

In certain areas, the final game looked better.

JasonKCK1324d ago

What about the other areas?

ginsunuva1324d ago

It's not a downgrade if the original footage was CGI.

deadpoolio3161324d ago

Well technically its not a downgrade either if your doing so to make the overall game run smoother....But graphics whores gonna be graphics whores, idiots would rather play a game that runs like crap apparently

shloobmm31324d ago

No but that initial reveal was supposedly in game.

MysticStrummer1324d ago

"technically its not a downgrade either if your doing so to make the overall game run smoother"

Are you suggesting some developers downgrade just for the hell of it? Of course it's a downgrade if you're doing it to help performance.

mkis0071324d ago (Edited 1324d ago )

Killzone 2 looks better than the reveal it maybe? Stop latching on to the slander.

shloobmm31324d ago

No it doesnt lol. Game looks good but not even close to that cg reveal.

Captain_TomAN941324d ago

Haha ya know it really isn't worth the effort. Some people just want any excuse they can get to hate on Sony. Once people heard "CGI" it was over (Even though the final game looked just as good on average).

There are people like this for every big company, and all of these people are idiots...

Psygnosis3331323d ago

You guys are ALL crazy...when first time I saw Killzone 2 reveal trailer I was blown away...I rocordet the trayler and watch it over and over...the finel game wasent close too that..Killzone 2 final game was very good graphicaly but not good like the trailer :P
I am mostly PS guy but dont defend this shit :D
I work rendering in Mental ray and V-ray..I analise every frame lol

Eddie201011324d ago

Killzone 2 actually came pretty close to the pre rendered E3 demo.

InTheLab1324d ago

It only ended up being the best looking shooter on consoles for 5 years..

MysticStrummer1324d ago

"Killzone 2 & watchdogs"

No & yes.

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Gamer7771324d ago

Watch Dogs could pretty much be considered false advertisement.

AndrewLB1324d ago

Watchdogs was downgraded due to parity with consoles which is why all the assets used in the E3 version were still in the install folders when it hit retail.

I'm not defending ubisoft whatsoever. They should have kept the PC version as it should have been and downgraded for consoles like every other multi-platform game out there

Obz1324d ago

A good amount of the assets not all.