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amiibo Tap: Nintendo's Greatest Bits technically does its job, and some will say that we shouldn't be so critical of a free app. Free or not, though, this download is supposed to have a clear purpose to promote amiibo and the Virtual Console, yet is fundamentally flawed in execution to the point that it actually portrays both products in a bad light. It 'shows off' retro game scenes that can be out of context and confusing to newcomers, and uses amiibo in a way that makes them seem like cynical low-functionality toys, which they typically are not.

None of these problems are irreparable, and Nintendo could issue an update that changes the way this app works. To be blunt, until it does so this is barely worth the space on your hard drive.

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MNGamer-N1319d ago

It could have been better. Why is the Amiibo not tied to the game it unlocks? SILLY NINTENDO haha. I love them, but who is high on the job in Kyoto? Also, the amiibo situation, you can't get them, rendering the app useless.

I'm not bitching about free stuff either.