Bethesda exhibiting a RPG for PC, Playstation, Xbox categories at E3 2015; Fallout 4?

On the official E3 Bethesda press conference page, it reveals plans for the publisher to showcase a role-playing game from the PC, PlayStation, Xbox categories at the event.

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Hellsvacancy1201d ago

Fallout......... 3 remastered lol

Although that announcement would please me, slightly, I really want Fallout 4

Geobros1201d ago

Haha! This is more possible than Fallout 4...

Hellsvacancy1201d ago

It'll more than likely be Skyrim remastered, again i'm cool with that but I do want newer games aswel

uptownsoul1201d ago

I hope for, like you guys stated, announcement for Fallout 4 release for late-Oct/early-Nov Holiday release. And I wouldn't mind a Fallout 3/Skyrim remaster release for July/Aug (done by a completely different studio)

Sethry1011201d ago

I would literally cry if they announced skylines or Fallout remastered rather than a sequel for either.

_-EDMIX-_1201d ago

Not really. Fallout 3 was announced about 6 months before its release, the same could be done with Fallout 4. Also consider such a port doesn't need an E3 booth or many "Remasters" have you seen saved to be announced at E3?

Bethesda only goes to E3 for Fallout. They announced Skyrim at Spike VGA. It more likely Fallout 4 then anything else.

Lucreto1201d ago


It was announced in May 2007 and released October 2008. So 17 months before it was released.

Skyrim was the shortest wait time of 11 months.

thorstein1201d ago

What about Fallout World.

Palitera1201d ago

But in the end, it is a conference about Elder Scrolls Online.

Now you can't say you weren't warned.

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Kevlar0091201d ago

What about a remake of Fallout 1,2 in F3/NV format? For people like me who own the originals but are too impatient to learn how to play it properly. Turning once simple squares into full environments, with added content.

Tiechie1201d ago

Do your self a favour and just stick with them. There so much better and I promise you, you won't regret it.

_-EDMIX-_1201d ago

Agreed with Tiechie. What makes Fallout so good is its core concept, Fallout 1 and 2 have the same concept. Find things, do quest, survive, hear stories about the wasteland etc.

You won't be disappointed. Also try Wasteland 2 (coming to PS4 and XONE, already on PC)

xwilldemise1201d ago

I'd be pissed if they announce Fallout3 remastered. Not cause it's a bad game but because it was such a good game I already played that game over at least a dozen times DLC included! If not Fallout4, Id take the Elder Scrolls 6 at this point but hoping for Fallout just like everyone else!

Benchm4rk1201d ago

Id be down for that. I never did play Fallout 3....

TacticAce1201d ago

It says Xbox 360/ps3 too, I really hope thats another game and not Bethesda Game Studios game...

JsonHenry1201d ago (Edited 1201d ago )

Doom RPG incoming. Or an older Doom like game- Hexen or Heretic!

And if they remake ANY TES game it should be Daggerfall.

TheSaint1200d ago

I'd buy F3 remaster in a heartbeat. I probably shouldn't as I'm not a fan of remasters in general.

I just love F3 too much. Amazing game.

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KryptoniteTail1201d ago

Skyrim Remaster would be welcome, but a sequel is due.

killacal131201d ago

How about a Skyrim remaster with the Fall out games in a single super bundle!

madjedi1200d ago

Fallout 3 is getting very long in the tooth, new vegas and skyrim aren't too much younger either.

I have the last two running with ridiculous amounts of mods active and they don't hardly push my card.

Shadows of mordor makes it hit 85-92% gpu usage/power with everything on ultra @1080p. That might not include the ultra hd texture download though.

The other two low 60's at best, so that makes me wonder how demanding a new mainline fallout/elder scroll will be now that the last gen shackle has been thrown off.

Elite-uk1201d ago

Fingers crossed for Fallout 4!.

dreamoner1201d ago

Hope it won't be cross-gen.

KryptoniteTail1201d ago

They should port the older FO and ES to Vita (FO3 and Skyrim if possible). AFAIK those are PC exclusive.

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