Elder Scrolls Online and the turbulent topic of text chat on console

What there wasn't, in the recent Elder Scrolls Online console closed beta, was the option to chat via text. That's unusual for a massively-multiplayer online game but not for a console game.

Instead, there's proximity-based voice chat - that is, when you're in talking distance of someone, you can talk to them via a microphone.

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Shad0wRunner1325d ago

ZeniMax just cant seem to get with the program.

Text based, keyboard chat and chat logs are fundamental to MMO's. Proximity based voice chat is nice...but it should never be a substitute for traditional text chat.

ZeniMax needs to learn to LISTEN to their community...instead of going off half-cocked, doing whatever they want.

I wanna have faith in this game...but the devs are making it REALLY difficult, for me.

roguedragon11325d ago

Who does texts chat? Certainly no one I know. For console owners this doesn't make sense. But I guess it does on pc.

harbie1325d ago

There is some value, linking items, selling, etc... Although 90% of the time, especially outside parties, txt chat is indeed useless and mostly filled with spam.

It's not a big issue for me.

MysticStrummer1324d ago

Text chat on consoles is a turbulent topic?

I still have the same keyboard I bought to use with PS2's Everquest and it works fine with PS4, but it doesn't surprise or bother me to not have the option for text chat.