Most Anticipated PlayStation 4 Games Coming in May 2015

The Game Druid brings you it's most anticipated list of PlayStation 4 games coming up in May 2015

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caleyforsythe1239d ago

hope witcher 3 doesn't dissapoint!

KeplerNoMore1238d ago

If you have the time to put in it, it will not.

Abash1238d ago

I'll be making time for The Witcher III, but I have to admit I'm super excited for Ultra Street Fighter IV being remastered for PS4 this month. I never got to play as the new characters or stages in the original Ultra update, so Im very glad I waited

Smok911238d ago

Witcher games have always greatly exceeded my expectations. It's hard to imagine the third installment changing that.

KeplerNoMore1238d ago

Unless combat is awful like in TW2 before the Enhanced Edition.

NoctisPendragon1238d ago

1 90+ metacritic game per month , believe !

KeplerNoMore1238d ago

Also new PS Hardware news before E3 so mega hyping the PS brand.

bmwfanatic1238d ago

No magika2 ? It comes out the last week of May.

caleyforsythe1238d ago

it's listed there no? May 26th they say.

St01238d ago

Really looking forward to the full release of Project Cars next week.

I played it on PC for a few months while it was getting developed and loved it.

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