Exclusive Advertising Rights – The New “Console War”

As gamers continue to maneuver through the second year for the 8th generation of consoles, a time-honored marketing tactic between the video game industry juggernauts has become more aggressive and cut-throat in recent memory. It’s no secret that console manufacturers need desirable software to sell their prefabricated video game machines. They use all the tools at their disposal to get us gamers to sign up for their side of the “Console War” but now they have taken it a step further in order to get the exclusive goods from 3rd party developers.

Sony and Microsoft have escalated their fighting to be the #1 place for every popular cross-platform game by securing exclusive advertising rights before and after game launch. ThisGenGaming believes in healthy competition between companies which breeds new and exciting video games but not when the fighting gets so intense that as gamers become the collateral damage.

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