What Game(s) Could Save The Vita?

The PlayStation Vita is in trouble but what games could rejuvenate the failing handheld? Which titles would make you excited to be a Vita owner again?

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itsjustexuma1324d ago

Sony could amaze us by porting the Left Behind DLC to the Vita

breakpad1324d ago

one game and only Monster Hunter ... a Kojima game(not a metal gear or Konami ) would also help.

badz1491324d ago

GTA San Andreas Stories! I'm sure many will kill just to play THAT!

pivotplease1323d ago

Right on the money. Monster hunter and GTA are the two highest selling PSP franchises. One is big in Japan. The other is big in the West. That's what they really need. A FF or MGS or KH or GoW would really help as well.

kparks1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Zelda or mario,, wait damn it lol... i got my vita like 2 years ago and maybe have played it a total of 50 min playing street fighter alpha 3. A zelda game on the vita would kick ass tho. To be honest i have no clue what they could release, i own the system and dont even know what i would want to play on it.

WeAreLegion1323d ago

You haven't played Gravity Rush, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, and Killzone: Mercenary?!? Go play them! Right now!

pivotplease1323d ago

Add uncharted, P4G, LBP Vita, and the Disgaeas to that list.

LBP and Persona surprised me the most. One is better than all of its console brethren while the other is one of the best RPGs I have ever played.

kparks1323d ago

Ive played all of them either through a demo or ps+ and the only one i found interesting was soul sacrafice.. I did play uncharted golden abyss a little bit but still couldnt get into it for some reason.

Jalva1323d ago (Edited 1323d ago )

Or you could just play it on PS Now or through remote play, nothing amazing about that whatsoever.

What would really amaze people would be an exclusive GTA game like the PSP had, but Sony don't want to invest in one because they themselves have admitted what their fanboys cannot, the Vita is a failure.

InahimeHondaSengoku1323d ago

Says the person with one bubble. :/

InahimeHondaSengoku1323d ago

Keep on messaging me like you are preaching this device to be doomed in the first place. Congratulations! You are now blocked. :)

Hereiamhereibe21323d ago

Ports have done nothing good for the vita, Borderlands was terrible, FF10 was still just FF10 without any real improvements (also already out on PS3 and coming to PS4 so why play it on a handheld). What vita needs is good exclusives. Vita needs a From Software title, and a Bethesda title.

3-4-51323d ago

* It takes a good 5-10 games to convince a large mass of people to invest in a console or handheld.

Those 5-10 have to appeal to a wide variety of people.

The vita has too many games that cater to the 5-10% of gamers who like playing that particular one specific style of game.

Sucks because the system itself is awesome...the game selection is too limited....too confined.

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USMC_POLICE1324d ago

No ports, San Andreas stories, gran truismo, something like dragon age or witcher.

CaptainPunch1324d ago

I would like to see more RPGs, those are made for handhelds.

FarEastOrient1324d ago

There are several already there and coming, the problem is whether will buy them or not.

Nerdmaster1323d ago

I agree with you. People who defend Vita say that there are many RPGs being released for it, but let's be real, most of them feel generic or they're just not that great. In fact, the only truly great RPGs I played on it were Persona 4 Golden and Final Fantasy X, and the sad part is that they're just ports of PS2 games.

Xof1323d ago

Yeah. Pretty much the only RPGs that get localized for the Vita are otaku-pandering games that are mediocre at best.

But, let's be honest here, no one game or type of game will save the Vita. It's too late to magically turn everything around. The Vita has had a decent run, and it's not quite dead yet... but come on, people: stop expecting it to suddenly spring to life like a Frankenstein's monster.

Spurg1324d ago

Let us play those Ps2 love to play those ps2 jrpg

-Parasite eve 3...

-Breath of fire reboot instead of ruining the franchise with a mobile game.

-Get Monster hunter back on the playstation

-Persona Q...I 've no idea what persona q is doing on the 3ds not it needs to be ported to the ps vita asap.

Hiro1931323d ago

Persona Q uses both of the 3DS' screens for the map drawing functions. (Pretty huge part of the game, actually). And it's an Etrian Odessy game. Those are exclusive to the ds and 3DS family. Besides, vita has basically every other perspna game playable on it besides the arena games and 5. What's the harm in letting the 3DS have a spin of...?

HexxedAvenger1324d ago

If Sony focused on Vita as much as they do the PS4 I'm sure Vita would have gotten just as much attention. Give people a reason to own a Vita. + Fight to get Monster Hunter back xD

LifeInNZ1324d ago

But if Sony had treated the PS4 like the Vita then the PS4 would have been sold without an HDD and you could only buy a proprietary one from Sony for 3 to 4 times what youd expect to pay.

Basically what I'm saying is that the problem with the Vita is not one just based on games alone.

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