Wii Want More

Gary from Gamingvice says:

"When the Nintendo Revolution was announced, I remember the hype of Nintendo fans everywhere. Some time later it was announced that "Revolution" was not its name, rather this new console was to be the Nintendo Wii. At first it was hated, but then we saw what the Wii was all about with its motion controls and the hate was silenced. The Wii became the truth to Nintendo fans everywhere and despite the doubters when it was released it was sold out everywhere for months, the Wii had become a success. Fast forward to today and Wii's still sell at a record pace, however, I'm no longer impressed."

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Angelitos3801d ago

They only care about the casual market and money now

ape0073800d ago

if zelda ends up to be casuel,am done with nintendo

that's it

8 Bit3800d ago

they've found their niche and doesn't seem their in a rush to change what their doing to appease to hardcore gamers according to their sales.