Xbox One Games with Gold vs PS+ for PS4 Price and Value Comparison Shows PS+ Way Ahead Last Year

Let's take a look at how both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 delivered on the free games front this past year.

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SpaceRanger1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

How many more articles about game value do we need? Lol I can see them doing an end of the year comparison, but that should really be it.

On topic:
I've enjoyed all that PS+ has to offer since the start many years ago.

Never mind, I can see why they did the comparison I skipped over that last paragraph. It's been a year of Xbox Games with Gold and they're comparing it to PS+ since last year. My bad.

idlet1294d ago

It... is an end of the year comparison haha

SpaceRanger1294d ago

Yeah I started reading it and it read as all of the other articles I've seen on this lol I caught it at the very end when I re-read the article. You're very right!

Silly Mammo1294d ago

Do we need an article like this every month?!?

CaptainObvious8781294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

And this isn't including vita and PS3 games (although some in the PS4 list were cross buy).

I have all 3 PS platforms and for $70 a year (Australians are always getting jipped) it's an insane amount of value.

My backlog is ridiculous and almost a little depressing lol.

Relientk771294d ago

I love PS + you get so many great games, it's awesome

miyamoto1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Never Alone is so much fun with two player co-op.

But PS+ on PS Vita is awesome too.

rainslacker1294d ago

Definitely a must have if you have all three of the supported PS systems. Wish they had PS+ when I was in college and mostly broke. I spent my money on WOW subs, because it was just cheaper than console gaming.

S2Killinit1294d ago

Yeah it does offer great value.

Rookie_Monster1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

Who cares about these so-called freebies as none of them on both sides seems interesting. The only few games on the list that I even bother downloading are Rayman, Limbo, D4 and Crimson Dragon on XB1 and Justice league, stider, and the infamous DLC on PSN plus. It is always about quality and not quantity and both service has terrible offering thus far on the new consoles. There is really nothing to brag about.

The Xbox 360 imo has the best freebies out of all the consoles as I downloaded Witcher 2, Fable 3, Crackdown, AC II, Dead Rising II, Halo 3, Gears of War, AC IV, Bioshock infinite, Tomb Raider, and many others and the games are actually free even when your subscription is up.

xHeavYx1294d ago

Lol, you say "who cares?" And then contribute to the topic. I guess you care.

rainslacker1294d ago

I know this revelation will be hard on your ego this big wide world...not everyone likes the same things as you.

I enjoy about half the games that get released, but unlike a lot of people who want to bash it all the time, I actually do try every game they put out to see if I like it before I say how terrible it is. I've come to like quite a few games this way. I got into Bioshock because I put my dislike of FPS aside to try it out on the PS3.

Death1294d ago

Where do you subscribe to Games with Gold for $60? I get it free with my Live subscription. Live has been a match making service since 2000. It wasn't until the last couple years games were part of the paid subscription. Playstation Plus is a game rental service and has nothing to do with online match making. It wasn't until the PS4 released that Sony blocked access to online gaming without a game rental subscription. It's comparing apples to oranges.

Rimeskeem1294d ago

Have you been living under a rock the past decade?

mkis0071294d ago

Funny, I was the reverse of you, I had been subing to ps+ for the games and then they added on multiplayer.

But what your point is is that Xb1 games are not a rental service because multiplayer was offered first? Have you looked up "splitting hairs?"

rainslacker1294d ago

Is it comparing apples to oranges when both services are essentially the same type of service, with pretty much the same selling points nowadays?

It was apples to oranges last gen before it was mandatory for online on the PS4, but we still saw plenty of comparisons...and if I recall correctly, I even did call you out way back when for trying to compare them when they were different services.

Now, about the only way to really compare the two is with the games they offer with the service. Who cares who was first, or what was what when. We're comparing it as of today, not what it used to be.

SilentNegotiator1294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

That is the dumbest comment I have read all week, and that's saying plenty.

PS+ is simply the paywall to the online components, as is Xbox Live Gold. "Gold" is in the freaking title of "Games with Gold", are trying WAAAAAAAY too hard to make the XBL paywall sound better than the PSN paywall.

Death1294d ago

I am not claiming the paywall is better. For 15 years it cost $60 to play online on an Xbox. Live has always been a match making service. Comparing a match making service to a rental service just because Live started giving games away twists what is actually being bought to fit an agenda. No one is subscribing to Live just for Games with Gold. They subscribe to play online. Games with Gold is an added benefit to the service along with discounts.

For 15 years I have paid $60 for Live. Never was it for the games. On the PS3 I subscribed to Plus 100% for the games offered on the service. I didn't auto renewal for Plus since I didn't always like the games being offered. That was my choice.

With Xbox One we have seen more added to Live along with many things being removed from behind the paywall. With PS4, the quality of games have lacking to this point and online gaming was hidden behind the rental subscription. Today we are paying more since it is no longer optional, we are getting less and people are bragging about how they get more indies with the rental service over the match making service?

I'm sorry, but when I pay for Live I expect zero games since that isn't why I subscribe. When I pay for Plus, I really think there should be higher quality games available since that is all the service provides.

Rhythmattic1294d ago

Death .

Online for PS3 is still free..

Perspective mate.

badz1491293d ago


your comment over there is the ultimate example of FANBOYISM!

NO! you didn't pay $60 for 15 years. it was $50 and only raised to $60 a couple years back.

NO! Gold is not matchmaking service, it's an online gaming service because without Gold you can't play online.

NO! PS+ has never changed in price. it was and still is $50 and NO! we are not getting any less but even more contents since the released of PS4. it used to offer contents for PS3 + Vita, now the PS4 too. How the hell is THAT getting less??

please stop spinning facts to fit your personal agenda. I heard Greenberg is worrried sick that you might take for his position at MS with the amount of spin you're making right now!

SilentNegotiator1293d ago

"I'm sorry, but when I pay for Live I expect zero games since that isn't why I subscribe. When I pay for Plus, I really think there should be higher quality games available since that is all the service provides"

The fact remains that they both provide online services AND other perks. The reason why you personally subscribe is completely and entirely unimportant to what the services are and what they provide.

Death1291d ago

"The fact remains that they both provide online services AND other perks."

Playstation Plus gives access to the Instant Game Collection, discounts, online save storage, game beta access and full game trials. The only difference between the PS3 and PS4 versions of Plus is access to online gaming which is handled by PSN is blocked on PS4 unless you subscribe to Plus. Plus and PSN are completely different services.

Live has always been access to online multiplayer gaming on the Xbox. If you have owned an Xbox, Xbox 360 or Xbox One, to play online you paid for Live. Live members also received discounts as part of the paid subscription. Just because Games with Gold was added to the service doesn't make Live a game subscription service like Plus. Live is still Microsoft's online gaming service for Xbox.

If you feel the need to justify the quality of games offered on Sony's game subscription service by comparing it to Microsoft's online gaming subscription service that is on you. You are comparing a service created for the sole purpose of providing games to subscribers to a service whose primary purpose is to provide access to online gaming. Nothing you can say will change that since this is how each service has been sold to gamers.

The only thing that has changed is Sony no longer offers free access to PSN for online gaming with the PS4 and Microsoft has started giving away games as part of their service. They have also been removing access to features that have previously been behind the Live paywall.

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Aenea1294d ago

Newsflash: People now need to subscribe to PS+ if they want to play online with the PS4, if that is the main reason to pay for PS+ they will see the games as a freebie.

I never subscribed to PS+ when it was just for games when I only had a PS3, since I have a PS4 I have to subscribe to PS+ in order to play games online. So yeah, the games are indeed a freebie to me

CaptainObvious8781294d ago (Edited 1294d ago )

My gosh, there is so much wrong with this comment I don't even know where to begin. I think I'll just leave this video and move on.

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