WoW: Wrath Of The Lich King Goes Beta - Now With Achievements

Word on the street is that Blizzard have begun the Wrath of the Lich King beta. The newly updated World Of Warcraft Expansion site has added details on how you can become a part of the latest installment. You can find more details at GamerChip, along with all the news on the newly added Achievements.

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GametimeUK3801d ago

This game is gonna be teh pwnage

StarsCream3801d ago

They are trying like hell to keep as many defectors as they can from leaving WoW for WAR.
Warhammer Online was the first MMO to introduce achievements called the Tome of Knowledge.
Other stolen ideas to stunt WAR:
Siege warfare with destructable environs
RVR (pvp) over castle/keep objectives
Pets with their own talent/ability tree
etc etc you get the idea
Next youll hear Bliz boast about "their" upcoming idea Living/Leveling Guild/City !!!!