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Has Nintendo single-handedly curbed the belief that all DLC is simply a money-grab?

Jason from PlayerEssence takes all of the DLC for a spin... at 200cc!


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Yi-Long1238d ago

As much of an issue I usually have with DLC, this seems to be one of those rare occassions where they DO get it right, adding lots of new content, developed AFTER the game was release, offering great value for money.

Hats off to Nintendo for getting it right.

3-4-51238d ago

* Main Full game = $60 = 32 tracks

* For $11.99 you get 16 tracks

That is half the main games amount of tracks, for much less than half the price.

* Imagine COD giving you 10 maps for $3.99

It would be like that.

-Foxtrot1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

Only thing I have a problem with the DLC was that they wasted character slots on Cat Peach & Tanooki Mario...when they are just skins for Mario and Peach. Least Link, Villager and Isabelle were neat additions. I would of preferred to see Zelda, Captain Falcon or even Pauline in there instead of skins.

Oh and they could of added onto the battle mode for free, all they did was used the normal tracks instead of creating areans.

iSuperSaiyanGod1238d ago

12 dollars for 8 shy guy skins , 8 yoshi skins , 16 tracks , new characters & a new 200cc . One of the best dlc values ever tbh

-Foxtrot1238d ago

I'm not really complaining about the value though above. I never even said it was bad DLC (confused)...

But you raise a point

8 Shy Guy skins

8 Yoshi skins

Yet Cat Peace and Tanooki Mario can't be skins?

I mean how does that work? That's my point. Wouldn't you of rather seen Zelda and maybe a favourite of yours instead.

iSuperSaiyanGod1238d ago

of course i would of liked other characters . but i can understand why they were characters and not skins .but yeah i would of prefeared a different character base . but I'm not complaining it was a pretty good $12 spent . but i see your point

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Gemmol1238d ago

Its Mario Kart not Smash Kart, we lucky that we got Link and Animal Crossing, so I expected all the extra skins, who else could they use from Mario kingdom.....

jcnba281238d ago

You do have issues or you're just the most negative person on the planet. Have you ever read back your own comments? Not one of them are positive in relation to Nintendo. But what do I care? Just stating the obvious lol

-Foxtrot1237d ago

You know its always the Nintendo die hards who say this kind of shit. I mean I'm flattered because saying that kind of shit to me over a small comment with a little criticism is kind of funny if it gets to you this much.

You only say that because you ticked off because your taking my comment to heart...even though it's not even a comment saying anything nasty.

jcnba281237d ago

Yea well done for not answering my question lol

-Foxtrot1237d ago (Edited 1237d ago )

Hardly call them questions, more like insults disguised as questions.

When someone like you thinks a comment which says "Only thing I have a problem with" is full on "Nintendo hating" then you're deluded and too sensitive.

"Only thing" usually means that the other what? 99%/95% of the stuff I'm fine with.

jcnba281237d ago

Insult? Now that's hilarious. Find me one positive Nintendo comment you have made? Go on I'll wait but you probably won't answer that question either huh?

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pivotplease1238d ago

I think this game is my favourite Mario Kart (huge fan of the original...hated the Wii one) and that's without even considering the DLC, which just so happens to be awesome.

DoggyBiscuit1238d ago

Is definitely worth buying if you are a Mario Kart fan

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