New Final Fantasy XIV Expansion Screenshots Show Flying Fat Chocobo & Enormous Vistas on PS4/PS3/PC

Yesterday was Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida’s 42nd birthday, and fans across the world have been quick to find out and to fill the official forums and social channels with their birthday wishes. Yoshida-san responded with messages, screenshots and a funny pun.

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soldier019861326d ago

I played ff7
I played ff8
I played ff9

...I sadly played ff10

I striped my cloths off
Lived in wild
Ditched society

Peed my pants

...I now have a ps4...
A place to live
All I see after all there years

Is the same un reative un artful junk rehash bs for 12 year olds.

Absolute garbage

Dagobert1326d ago

Cool poem there buddy. Did you write that when you were 12, for your English class?

rhap1326d ago

The game is all about being kawaii and having useless glamours. Players are more worried about their mounts flying than real gameplay and challenge. The community is horrible. Full of single player gamers who ruined what could be a good MMO.

Eiyuuou1326d ago

You must have been playing a different FFXIV than I have.

FamilyGuy1326d ago

Get some friends, are you really complaining about single player gamers? What's a free company for? There sre lots of dedicated players but the game has been out for a long time now, the expansion will bring many back and it won't be for the cosmetic purposes.

Rachel_Alucard1326d ago

If this game is for 12 year olds then it must be right up your alley!

FamilyGuy1326d ago

You're crazy, have you even played FF14?

Skate-AK1326d ago

I would have gave you a bub if the poem was kinda good. Sadly, it was garbage.

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Pathogenic1326d ago

Cannot wait to play this expansion.